Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Is Ecstatic To Be Reunited With The Man Who Saved Him

While they may not be able to communicate it through language, rescue dogs recognize the people who save them. What they lack in ability to speak, they more than make up for in kisses and cuddles.

Mojo, a rescue pit bull terrier mix, is a prime example of this recognition. When he was rescued by Joey Wagner of Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, he was near death and had to be brought to a local vet. You have to see when Mojo and Joey are reunited, once again.

When Joey first discovered pit bull Mojo, he had extreme demodectic mange that had eliminated most of his hair and was near death. He brought the pup to a local vet, who was unsure if he would be able to save him…

With perseverance, Mojo slowly pulled through. He wasn’t able to be put up for adoption immediately, however, because his mange was so bad.

Once Mojo was healthy enough, Joey returned to the vet to formally adopt his four-legged friend…

You have to see Joey and Mojo’s reunion in the video below!

It’s so sad that Mojo’s previous owner let his condition get so bad. Luckily, Joey was able to provide the pup with the proper care that he so badly needed.

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