Kitten Trapped In 109-Degree Heat Was Rescued Thanks To Pokemon Go

Last summer, Pokemon Go swept the world by storm. Millions of people went out and about, phones in hand, to “catch ’em all” as the game suggested. While most ended up finding only virtual animals, one Reddit user’s gaming experience led her to a very real creature in need!

User Zerofatorial was walking in Portalegre, Portugal on a sweltering summer day when she heard an odd sound. As she peeked in the space between an electrical transformer and a wall, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

This past summer, Reddit user Zerofatorial was walking through Portalegre, Portugal playing Pokemon Go a sweltering 109-degree day when she heard an odd sound. When she investigated, she found a kitten trapped between a wall and an electrical transformer!

She wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew the poor kitty probably wouldn’t survive the heat trapped like that. She decided to call the local fire department, and the firemen soon arrived and began trying to get the kitten out.

However, their initial attempts were all unsuccessful. They poured water in the space where the kitten was trapped for him to drink while they worked on a new plan. Eventually, they decided they had to carefully move the appliance to allow him room to escape, while ensuring that they didn’t cause any electrical safety issues.

Their plan worked, and the kitten was able to unwedge himself. At first he tried to run away, but a fireman caught him before he could get very far. Zerofatorial decided she and her family would hold onto him for the night before taking him to a shelter.

Unfortunately, the kitten remained terrified after the incident and would hiss and claw at his rescuers. Despite the cat’s hostile behavior, Zerofatorial’s family felt for the little guy and began to consider keeping him.

When the kitten, whom they later named Spock, met the rest of the family’s pets, he got along with them immediately! That’s when Zerofatorial and the rest decided that Spock would become a permanent addition to their household!

Spock was in desperate need of a bath, so they got to work scrubbing him clean…

…and they painstakingly removed tons of fleas and ticks from the little kitten’s fur.

Eventually once all the dirt, grime, and bugs were gone, the family realized there had been a beautiful little orange guy underneath the entire time!

For a while, Spock really only bonded with the family’s pets and remained standoffish when the humans tried to handle him. However, over time he got better, and eventually, he warmed up to the family!

These days Spock is doing great and seems to have put the traumatic events of his early life behind him completely. Thank goodness Zerofatorial found this little guy and gave him a fighting chance!

Wow, what an incredible story! Who would have guessed that Pokemon Go would save the life of a real animal?

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