Police Investigate A Sudden Traffic Jam… And Find A Helpless Baby In The Street

Police work can be very trying. Just think about a day in the life of an officer and how much they have to handle: there are robberies, fights, and even deaths. Once in a while, however, officers get to create some of the warmest moments in the lives of the citizens they serve… even if they’re not human.

That’s what happened one day as London police on burglary patrol suddenly spotted a curious line of cars slowing traffic. Fearing the worst, they approached the traffic to find a body lying in the road—and immediately jumped into action.

But the subject in need was not quite who you’d think…

Police were patrolling for known burglars in the London borough of Hackney when one of the officers saw a line of traffic forming. Upon further inspection, he realized the cars were trying to avoid hitting someone in the street: a newborn squirrel. 

 The officer immediately rushed to help, carefully lifting the baby animal, who appeared to be just a few days old. The biggest question: how did he get here? And where was his mother?

Thankfully, the baby squirrel’s mother wasn’t too far, as the officers discovered her on the opposite side of the road alongside the rest of her litter.

It’s likely that she’d been relocating her babies to a new nesting area, but accidentally dropped one while dodging traffic. The officer left the lost squirrel near his new home, where his mother easily retrieved him.

The officer was a hero to this squirrel family! How dangerous it was to lose for the mama squirrel to lose one of her pups—in busy traffic, no less! The officers later wrote on Twitter that it was their favorite moment of the day. It seemed that this tiny squirrel ended up bringing joy to all involved!

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