Park Employees Replacing The Toilet Paper Get A Scare Opening The Dispenser

Public restrooms can be a tricky thing. You never know who’s going to use them, or what kind of crazy things might happen there. It’s a crapshoot, really. (Yes, that pun was very much intended.)

That said, everyone can agree that surprises in a public restroom are never, ever welcome. Whether it be a stinky mess that someone left behind or—gasp!—discovering that you have no choice but to use single-ply toilet paper, it’s a well-known fact that, when it comes to the lavatory, you want your experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Surely, anyone who uses the rest area at Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia, expects the same thing. There was one day, however, when a cleaner discovered something that nearly made them soil their britches…

Every day holds something new and exciting for the team at Parks Victoria in beautiful Australia. When a region is that full of incredible wildlife, you’re bound to run into surprises of all different sorts…

But even a hardened Aussie would be shocked to find what one park cleaner discovered! While trying to replace the rest area’s toilet paper in Melbourne’s Yarra Bend Park, they came face to face with quite the sight: an adorable little possum who had made himself a nest.

Park employees were quick to build a small shelter for the little guy, and they promptly moved him into his new home in the park’s trees. You can just barely make out his fluffy tail sticking out of the box…

If the possum in this story looked a little bit different from the possums you are used to, that’s because it was an Australian species of possum—and not an American one. Though they share a name, these animals are actually very different.

There are more than 23 varieties of possum living in Australia. The one in this story was the second largest, and the most common: the brushtail possum. He more closely resembled a squirrel than a possum, actually.

The brushtail possum typically has a pointed face and pink nose, with long oval ears and bushy black tail. In Tasmania, there are three color variations: silver-gray, black, and gold. Possums who live in denser, wetter forests tend to be darker in color.

Australian possums are known for their hearty diet of plant life. They are not affected by most toxins found in the local foliage, giving them much more of a varied diet than other creatures who thrive on the area’s vegetation.

While they will eat almost any plant that they come across, they are the most partial to a diet made up of new chutes and leaves. They are particular fond of fruits and veggies and can destroy an entire garden with their feasting!

The pygmy possum is the smallest variety of possum living in Australia. It might look like a mouse, but he actually has more in common genetically with the American possum than he does a mouse!

Possums can be found all over Australia looking for places to make their homes. They have even been known to creep inside of roofs to build a better insulated nest. The possum who found that toilet paper must have thought that he hit the jackpot!

Who knew that Australian possums were so much more different than their American relatives? Still, one thing’s the same: these little burrowers will do anything to stay nice and cozy.

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