This Animal Shelter Euthanized A Pregnant Dog, And People Are Furious

If we ever find ourselves unable to care for a dog, and we can’t rehome them with a new forever family, the next best option is to take them to an animal shelter. After all, stray dogs often suffer terrible fates on their own, and shelters are designed to help.

Yet just because dogs are better off in shelters than on the streets doesn’t mean that they’re in the clear. One woman learned this the hard way when she brought a pregnant stray dog to her local shelter.

Carol Towry had noticed Brownie the dog wandering around her Tulsa, Oklahoma neighborhood for months before she realized the animal was pregnant. Since the outdoors was no place for puppies, Carol brought the dog to her local animal shelter on November 9.


On November 16, Carol decided to check up on Brownie at Tulsa Animal Welfare. She was shocked to learn the shelter had euthanized the pregnant dog and her puppies.

Tulsa Animal Welfare manager, Jean Letcher, explained their policy in which dogs become their property if they are not adopted within three days in the shelter. After that point, animals either enter into foster care or are euthanized.


Carol was furious, especially since she knew people who were interested in adopting the puppies. Sadly, the shelter said the names were never registered in their office, and they had no choice but to make the unfortunate decision—especially since a large number of other dogs were expected to arrive.


“We already have one mom with 10-day-old puppies and another mom with 10- to 15-day-old puppies in the shelter, and we did not need any more puppies,” said Jean.

Learn more about this story in the video below.

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Carol has every right to be upset, but part of what makes this story so frustrating is that these puppies could have had a chance if Carol had simply informed the shelter of potential homes. Never forget to check a shelter’s adoption and euthanasia policies before surrendering dogs to them!

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