Cop Runs Into A Pair Of Loose Pit Bulls And Handles The Situation Perfectly

When police officers respond to calls involving animals, they sometimes find themselves out of their depth. They simply aren’t trained animal workers, so many officers assume they need to use more force than necessary to control the situation.

Luckily for two pit bulls in El Reno, Oklahoma, Officer Storm Barrett had years of experience as a dog handler. When he encountered the angry animals running wild through a busy area of town, he kept cool and knew just what to do…

When Oklahoma police officer Storm Barrett encountered two angry pit bulls loose in a busy area, the former dog handler knew exactly how to react. 

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Rather than using force to incapacitate the pits, Officer Barrett hopped on the hood of his cruiser, pulling up a scared bystander with him. He was worried that the dogs would go after students when a nearby school let out, so he came up with an ingenious way to keep them distracted…

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 Officer Barrett whipped out his police baton and waved it toward them to hold their focus while he radioed to animal control. Ten minutes later, the dogs were captured and returned to their owner, who was slapped with a citation for letting them get loose. Incredibly, the whole situation went down without the dogs being harmed in any way!

His quick thinking is similar to that of another officer who came face to face with violent dogs. Last year, Idaho policeman David Gomez responded to a call about two angry dogs on the loose in a residential neighborhood.

Youtube / Dum Spiro Spero

When he arrived on the scene, he calmly instructed families to stay inside while he approached the dogs.

Youtube / Dum Spiro Spero

Then, waving his baton to keep keep the dogs focused on him, he directed the rowdy pair toward his police car and managed to coax them into the back seat of the cruiser. Then, he just shut the door and waited for animal control to come. Officer Gomez too managed to take care of a tricky animal situation without getting anywhere close to using his weapon!

Youtube / Dum Spiro Spero

Watch body camera footage from Officer Gomez’s tense encounter with the dogs:

Wow! Police officers everywhere can learn an important lesson from Officers Barrett and Gomez about handling animal complaints without resorting to violence!

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