Poor Puppy Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Covered With Super Glue

We shouldn’t need constant reminders that animals deserve just as much respect and care as any other living thing. Sadly, the truth is that some people do need to be reminded every day.

For example, a group of horrible kids cruelly covered this puppy, named Pascal, in super glue. Over time, the toxic glue attracted dirt and hardened around his fur, and it was all but a death sentence for poor Pascal.

Thankfully, a few kindhearted souls at an animal shelter found him, but would they be able to save him in time from his sticky fate?

When Pascal the dog arrived at a rescue shelter, the employees working there couldn’t believe their eyes. He was just a puppy, but he was carrying himself like an old, sick dog, and he had a pretty good reason for doing so…

Some kids had reportedly covered Pascal in super glue. Their reasoning? They just thought it would be “funny.” What was even worse is that, once they committed this “prank,” they left Pascal to fend for himself.

Thankfully, he wasn’t alone for long. Once he made it to the shelter, he was finally safe from his tormentors, but now there was a whole other problem that needed to be solved: how to free Pascal from all of the glue covering his coat?

With most substances, a serious bath can usually be the key to loosening up fur that has been badly matted together. However, it was going to take a lot more than a bath to help this poor glue-covered pooch.

Specifically, rescuers were going to have to take serious action if they wanted to get Pascal out of his sticky prison while there was still time. In addition to containing toxic chemicals, the glue also made it impossible for Pascal to walk, and those weren’t even the only problems…

If they didn’t remove the glue in time, Pascal could slowly begin to suffocate; that’s exactly how much his coat was covered by the glue. They needed to act, but whatever they did needed to be safe for Pascal, too.

In order to safely remove the glue, they were going to need to remove most of his coat, which meant they would have to mildly sedate him. Ideally, he would go under total anesthesia, but because of his small size and young age, something like that might actually kill him. Truly, nothing was easy.

Even with mild sedation, Pascal would be aware of what was going on around him and there was a chance that the process of removing all of that damaged fur would only cause him further stress. Still, it needed to be done… and fast.

The team made their decision: they would sedate poor Pascal and work as quickly as they could to remove the glue-drenched fur. They hoped they could do it without damaging too much of his skin, but they couldn’t guarantee anything.

To see what happened to Pascal after the operation to save his life, you have to watch the entire video below. This poor little pup was so desperately in need of help, you won’t believe how his story ends…

It’s disgusting that poor Pascal had to suffer this abuse. Here’s to hoping he was able to make a full recovery.

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