Puppy Accidentally Gets Himself Stuck In A Tricky Situation He’s Helpless To Fix

Most responsible pet owners love their furred, scaled, or feathered friends with all their hearts, and why wouldn’t they? Animals are comforting, fun, and of course adorable. But as much as we love our pets, some animals are prone to get into more mischief than others.

Obviously we want to protect our babies from any danger that could arise, but some are just born troublemakers. A dog-owner from China certainly got a scare when her curious pup landed himself in a serious predicament. After calling in the professionals, however, the nightmare only worsened…

This three-month-old Labrador puppy, whose name is unknown, loved going on solo adventures throughout his home in Weining County, southwest China. They say curiosity killed the cat, but dogs are just as susceptible. 

The little black lab lived in a two-story house with his loving owner, who often let her dog wander around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one day while roaming, something very unsettling happened… 

The wandering pooch didn’t come home. The woman called him and called him, but he never answered. That’s when she heard it… a strange noise coming from the walls.

 The dog owner was frantic. She continued to call the dog’s name and heard more scrambling inside the walls. Then, she heard a bark and immediately called the Guizhou fire department, who came rushing over.

After carefully listening to the hopeless yelps, the rescuers realized the poor puppy was stuck in the chimney! Upon entering the fireplace on the second floor, the pooch fell down towards the first floor and was wedged in between.

While the puppy’s heartbreaking cries continued, the team of heroes began planning how to get him out of the kitchen walls — and quickly. They decided the only way to do so was to completely break it open. 

The fireman had no choice but to use an ax to slowly break apart the tiles that covered the chimney. Guided by a flashlight, they had to very gently chip away the wall without hitting the puppy trapped inside of it.

After some careful and meticulous work on the outside of the chimney, the pup’s head began to appear. It was a huge relief to see that he was still alive and breathing, although it was unclear if he had sustained any injuries.

The puppy finally made it out of the enclosure! Although he was dirty and shaking from fear, he only suffered from a few scratches. The curious pup was stable, and maybe now he’ll grow up to be a firefighter, just like his rescuers!

The owner was overwhelmed with joy to have her baby safely back in her arms. She thanked the firefighters for coming to rescue the pup and for leaving minimal damage to her kitchen. 

The last thing the firefighters said before they left was “go take a bath now, buddy!”, leaving the happy owner to clean the chimney ashes off of her pup and cuddle him for the rest of the day.

Although the situations vary, there are many known instances of dogs getting themselves stuck in unfortunate places. It’s not as dangerous as being trapped in a wall, but getting tangled up in a hammock can’t be fun either! 

Dogs seem to forever be getting stuck in the oddest places! You’d think that a sofa would be safe, but that’s not always the case, especially when your skinny butt gets stuck between the cushions…

This dog thought that sneaking into the dishwasher to perform his own pre-rinse cycle was no big deal. What he didn’t plan for, however, was how the heck he would get out when he was done! 

This sleepy boy was just looking for a place to rest his head on the long ride home. He had no idea that when he woke up, his head would remain firmly wedged between the seat and the door. 

It’s fun to experiment with fashion if you’re a human being and know what body parts are meant for certain attire. For dogs though, an innocent Croc can make for a sticky situation…

This dog couldn’t wait to jump into a child’s swing during one visit to the park. Oh sure it’s all fun and games until you’re done swinging and have to get back out of the swing! 

When this dog stuck his head into a bag of chips, the last thing he expected was to get caught in the act by his owner. Little did he know that the bag itself was a trap that would sell him out! 

Sure, chairs might seem like a safe alternative, especially when you consider the dangers of a sofa (shudder!), but these dogs are proof that a dog can get stuck in just about anything.

Most dogs are more than happy to be saved from their stuck states, but not this little pooch! He seems quite content on staying exactly where he is.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and luckily for them, we are theirs! Otherwise, who would get them out of these puppy predicaments?

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