Fuzzy Little Bugs May Look Cute But They Pack An Extremely Painful Punch

In the animal kingdom, looks can often be deceiving. Many deadly animals can look harmless, but that doesn’t mean that you should walk up to them and try to befriend them.

This tiny caterpillar looks pretty cute at first. After all, he’s so fuzzy! What’s not to love? At the very least, he’s not intimidating, right?

In reality, this little guy is something you should avoid it at any cost, because he packs a powerful, painful secret!

This strange-looking creature is called the puss moth caterpillar, and it’s found in trees and garden plants between North Carolina and Florida. It can also be found in parts of Mexico and Central America, and it holds a surprising secret…


This species of caterpillar is usually found on trees like elms, oaks, and wild plums, as well as ivy, roses, and other garden plants. No matter where you find a puss moth caterpillar, however, they’re worth avoiding at all costs. 

Scientifically known as the Megalopyge opercularis, this caterpillar is also called a tree asp, asp caterpillar, woolly slug, and even the Trump caterpillar (because of the distinctive hair, of course). Still, they pack quite the punch…

Boston Jerry/Wikipedia

In a lot of ways, puss moth caterpillars bear a remarkably close resemblance to living, breathing, and walking toupees. It’s almost comical… until you realize what they’re capable of. They may look cute and fuzzy, but that isn’t technically “fuzz” that covers its body…

What gives the puss moth caterpillar its distinctive appearance is really an intimidating collection of poisonous barbs that sting whatever it comes in contact with. If you touch one, those barbs break off into your skin. They’re nasty business!

If you’re unfortunate enough to get stung by one of these painful creatures, watch out: the venom moves from the particular spot on your body where you were stung to other parts of your body. From there, things start to get painful…


Doctors recommend using tape to remove the poisonous spores. This should definitely be done as soon as possible, because you wouldn’t want the toxic chemical it produces to spread any more than it already has.

After thoroughly washing the affected area with soap and water, apply an ice pack. You still may feel a bit of a shock from the cold, but it’s the best way to ensure that you reduce the pain quickly.

If the pain worsens, go to the hospital immediately. This is a serious issue that won’t just go away on its own, so you absolutely need to take any precautions necessary to protect yourself. It’s not worth the risk trying to ride it out on your own.

Whatever your opinions may be about the 45th president of the United States, there’s no getting around the fact that small animals bearing his namesake are dangerous. There’s so much more to them than that signature hairstyle!

Always keep yourself protected when you’re outside, and stay vigilant. You don’t want to be stung by the puss moth caterpillar!

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