Snake Found In A Family Home Has Something Shocking Removed From Its Stomach

When you own a pet, you just have to accept that everything in your house will probably appear edible to them at some point. What dog doesn’t view every shoe that crosses his path as a delicious chew toy designed solely for his own enjoyment?

But down in Australia, where dangerous wild animals lurk around every corner, there’s a lot more to worry about than just your dog chewing up your shoe. With their massive insects and scary animals, you never know what danger awaits you.

When a family on Australia’s Gold Coast realized that someone—or something—had broken into their house, they were terrified. Then they discovered the culprit, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing…

When a family on Australia’s Gold Coast discovered that someone had broken into their house, they panicked. But they were even more shocked once they discovered the culprit: a ginormous python.

They soon realized the snake’s penchant for burglary wasn’t the only strange thing about him. When they spotted a large bulge in the middle of his body, they immediately called local handler Tony Harrison, who then helped rush the reptile to a veterinarian. An X-ray of the snake confirmed he’d definitely swallowed something strange… but they still had no clue what the object could be.

The team of veterinarians got right to work, performing an emergency operation on the snake. Performing surgery on animal is not without its risks, of course, as animals cannot communicate with humans the way we can communicate with each other. It would’ve been so easy if the snake could speak and admit what he had ingested! Pulling a piece of it out, however, revealed a clue…

The vets worked carefully to coax out the mysterious object inside of the snake’s belly. It was soft, brown, and fuzzy—was it the family’s pet? The more they eased the strange object out, the more they realized how wrong they were—and they laughed. They pulled it into the light. The snake had devoured a stuffed teddy bear!

It may seem like a funny story—who wouldn’t laugh at the idea of a snake trying to attack a teddy bear?—but this could have resulted in horrible consequences for the python if he wasn’t discovered as quickly as he was. If the bear hadn’t been removed, it would have led to a severe infection… or worse. And the snake’s worrisome misadventure wasn’t quite over yet: he still needed to be patched up, which was risky.

Thankfully, the python was in good hands, and it looked like he’d live to tell his tale. It took a whopping 15 stitches to get him back and ready for action. Without the veterinary team’s meticulous and speedy care, the snake would have little chance of surviving such a meal.

Sadly, the teddy bear wasn’t quite as lucky. It was too late to reattach one of his legs, though it’s safe to say he probably wouldn’t miss it too much anyway! The good news was that the rest of him remained intact, for the most part. Not too bad for surviving a snake attack.

In the meantime, the python was kept under the watchful eye of his doctors while he was recuperating. Once he was fully recovered, he was released back into the wild, where he’ll hopefully find more appropriate things to feast upon. Of course, that’s assuming he hasn’t developed a taste for cotton!

After several runs through the washing machine, the poor battered bear was finally returned to his family. They were delighted to be able to keep a memento to remind them of the time a snake broke into their home. He looked like an entirely new bear, didn’t he?

Of course, stuffed teddy bears aren’t the only things pythons are known to nosh on. The python below definitely had eyes that were bigger than his stomach when he tried to swallow an entire adult sheep! Unfortunately, this snake did not survive his ambitious attempt.


Another snake decided to eat something a little less dangerous, but no less strange. After making her way onto a golf course, she managed to swallow a whopping 10 golf balls. Most likely, she mistook the Titleist for her grocery list; golf balls look a lot like animals eggs, after all. Thankfully, a golf course employee spotted the snake and was able to get her help.


This snake must have been chilly! When he spotted an electric blanket, he just couldn’t resist taking a bite. Apparently the taste was good enough, because the python proceeded to eat the entire thing. Crazy!

This python owner came home from work one day to discover that their snake had snuck out of her cage… and, coincidentally, their prized ceramic egg from Russia was missing. Moments later, they found the python lying on their bed with a ceramic egg-shaped bulb in her middle. Case closed.


When this snake spotted a wounded alligator, he couldn’t resist attempting to swallow the remains whole. Unfortunately, the gator proved to be more than the poor snake could handle. Neither creature survived.


Snakes are fascinating creatures, but it seems their eyes are too big for their stomachs sometimes! They might want to stay out of trouble… and on a diet. That family in Australia deserves more than a regurgitated teddy bear—they deserve a medal!

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