Wild Porcupine Returns To Visit Her Rescuers With A Huge Surprise In Tow

Farmers sure have it tough. Not only is their line of work physically taxing, but they’ve got to battle everything from market prices to the weather’s unpredictability in order to yield a successful crop. Needless to say, it forces them to be both resourceful and resilient.

One potato farmer in Hoedspruit, South Africa was used to nature getting in the way. When he realized that animals were sneaking into his fields and eating his potatoes, he simply set a trap.

He was fully prepared to deal with the offending varmints. Unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared for what he actually caught…

When a South African potato farmer set up some traps to catch the varmints that were eating his crops, he wasn’t at all prepared for what he was going to find. Was it a fox? Nope. How about a skunk? Not even close!

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