Rhinos Who Were Orphaned By Poachers Get A Second Chance At Family

Poaching has ravaged entire populations of animals across the world. Most hunters are after the horns, tusks, or pelts of the creatures they trap, and they expect to sell them for an expensive profit. This is incredibly illegal and one of the reasons certain species find their way to the endangered list.

Rhinos are one of Africa’s most frequent targets of poaching. Their horns sell for high prices on the black market, and can be valued even more than gold; these animals are struggling every day to stay alive.

In spite of the grim reality they face, there are some beautiful orphaned rhinos that have persevered even though the odds may be against them. This is their story, and they are sure to make you smile!

This adorable rhino is an orphaned calf from Zimbabwe. Poachers killed his mother but he is now living with a loving family who treats them as one of their own. 

Not every orphan is lucky enough to find a family who will take them in.

But, there are various organizations, like Legend Rhino Orphanage, that are working to help care for orphaned babies. 

This rhino named Sudan lives in Kenya and is the only northern white rhino left in the world! 

Thandi was attacked for her horn, and it was cut off. She is lucky to be alive.

Every single year, Africa loses more and more rhinos. It’s an epidemic that’s decimating a land full of exotic animals.

This is Hope. Poachers left her to die after cornering her and removing her horn. When she was found, she was nearly dead…

This team of rescue vets came together in an attempt to get Hope the help she needed to recover from such a horrible wound.

Luckily, the surgery was a success; Hope recovered well.

Rhinos are a remarkable species that deserve our love. It’s our job to bring awareness to the harmful effects of poaching so it can be stopped once and for all.

We can end poaching together. Spreading the word about these brave animals is the first step!

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