Scientists Just Saw The Elusive Ruby Sea Dragon In The Wild For The First Time Ever

The ocean undoubtedly remains the most mysterious part of our planet. While 70% of Earth is covered by water, we’ve only managed to explore a tiny fraction, which means there’s always new and interesting sea creatures to be discovered.

A group of scientists in Australia recently made an astonishing discovery when they encountered a ruby sea dragon in the wild for the first time ever. This up-close glimpse of the elusive sea creature has confirmed many of their suspicions about the animal. You just have to see this for yourself…

The ruby sea dragon is one of three species of sea dragons known to scientists and was recently encountered in the wild for the first time ever.


Scientists only discovered the species in the last few years, after one was found lifeless among other sea dragons in an Australian museum.


Watch the first ever video footage of the ruby sea dragon in the video below…

It’s amazing that scientists finally captured the ruby sea dragon on video. It really makes you wonder what else is out there…

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