His Dog Was Lost In The Woods For A Month. When They Reunite, There Isn’t A Dry Eye In The House.

It was the moment the staff at Alpine Animal Clinic had worried would never come. After one of their vet techs had spotted a chow mix at Kading campground near Montana’s Little Black Foot River, they’d tirelessly worked to return her to her owner. Finally, that reunion was about to happen.

The dog, Sandy, had been lost in the woods for nearly a month, and the vets didn’t think she would have lasted another 48 hours. She’d crossed nearly 18 miles of coarse wilderness terrain; she was skinny and covered in feces and ticks. Despite the ordeal, once Sandy’s owner walked through the clinic doors, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

This was Sandy on the day the vet tech found her wondering through the woods. She was skittish and needed help right away.


After the staff bathed and shaved her, they saw how skinny and malnourished she’d gotten over her month in the wilderness.


Thankfully, after posting a photo on Facebook, the vets were able to locate Sandy’s owner. The reunion was just a little emotional…

Even more incredible: the vets handled all of Sandy’s care for free! Thank goodness she’s back home safe and sound. You can just tell how much of a sweetheart she is.

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