7 Years After He Adopts A Normal Black Cat, It Transforms Into Something No One’s Ever Seen Before

When a man named David walked into a shelter in 1997, he was excited to meet Scrappy, a tiny, jet-black kitten. They were destined for a life full of adventures together. However, David never could’ve foreseen that, around his new pal’s seventh birthday, he would undergo a transformation that would make him one of the most unique house cats on Earth.

Around that birthday, the cat’s black coat began to develop specks of white, making him look like fluffy marble. Now, the 19-year-old “Senior Scrappy” has fans all over the world!

In 1997, Scrappy was just your average black shelter cat. David actually brought him home for fear that if he didn’t, no one would—black cats are notoriously difficult to adopt.

But around his 7th birthday, Scrappy underwent an astounding transformation. His once-black fur became splotched with white.

It’s believed that the change is thanks to vitiligo, a skin condition that affects pigmentation.

Now 19, this one-of-a-kind cat isn’t slowing down.

“I guess you could say he rules the street and every other cat stays away,” David said. “We named him Scrappy because he picks scraps with other cats.”

“Scrappy is a total diva! He isn’t the best cat to take photos of as most of the time he looks the other way…”

David even thinks Scrappy’s speckled coat makes him look like some sort of “Nordic god.”

Nordic god or not, he’s definitely a unique cat, that’s for sure!

Scrappy is beautiful, no? He has nearly 93,000 followers on his Instagram, so the world seems to agree—Scrappy is the best!

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