Abandoned Senior Dog Who Kept Burying His Face In The Corner Finally Gets Someone To Notice Him

For dogs who have been the victims of abuse, it can be almost impossible to learn to trust people again. The depression and fear suffered by these animals can also contribute to long-term behavioral issues.

When a 12-year-old senior dog named Jack arrived at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia, he was visibly depressed. He seemed so rejected by his previous owner that he would bury his face in the corner of his kennel to hide when the rescuers would try to bring him outside to play.

Yet, despite his past, Jack wasn’t willing to give up. His story was only just beginning…

When people are depressed, it can be extremely difficult for them to find any source of comfort, let alone for them to be able to connect with others. This is especially true when others have hurt them directly.

Humans aren’t the only ones who experience this, though. It’s easy for many people to forget that dogs can suffer from depression as well. One of the things that make our furry friends so special is their capability to experience and express emotions, and we rarely consider the other side of their typically happy-go-lucky demeanors.

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Similarly, when dogs have a history of abuse or neglect, their relationship with humans in general can be forever altered. It can often seem as if they will never trust any human ever again. Can you really blame them?

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Just like humans, it’s easy to imagine that the longer a dog has experienced abuse throughout his life, the harder it would be to ever recover from that on an emotional level. The road to recovery can seem daunting, to say the least.

No matter what happens to a dog, though, there’s always hope for them to become happy once again. With the right people looking out for them, their sparkling personalities can reappear! Still, the path forward for one particular dog in Virginia seemed steeper than most…

Facebook/Gloucester Mathews Humane Society

Recently, when the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia took in a 12-year-old German Shepherd-Labrador retriever mix named Jack, the staff noticed something… odd. Whenever they tried to bring him outside, he would hide his face in the corner of his kennel. Ultimately, someone would have to carry him outside.

Facebook/Susie’s Senior Dogs

Staff members believed Jack’s actions were a sign that he felt depressed and scared as a result of neglect and abuse. They noted that Jack perked up a bit once he was taken outside, though they were concerned because his demeanor didn’t change after an entire month at the shelter.

Facebook/Susie’s Senior Dogs

A member of a group called Susie’s Senior Dogs who worked with Jack posted the following message on their Facebook page: “We work with him each day, sitting with him and talking to him, but he is one depressed and lonely boy. It breaks my heart to think he may have lived with his loneliness for his whole life, but we would very much like to see his remaining time surrounded by love, compassion, and never-ending snuggles.”

Facebook/Susie’s Senior Dogs

After posting that message, the humane society received dozens of calls from people inquiring about Jack. “Jack became an instant celebrity last night when Susie’s Senior Dogs kindly posted his story to their page,” said the shelter. “We received many inquiries but one lovely young lady came right away to meet him with her other canine companion in tow.”

Facebook/Gloucester Mathews Humane Society

Jack instantly took to the woman and her other dog, and she happily brought him home as soon as she could! The staff at the humane society were shocked: they said that Jack smiled from ear to ear when he left that night.

Adoption is especially tough for senior dogs, who have a difficult time finding and adjusting to forever homes. Thankfully, it worked out for Jack! And to think that all it took was someone’s undying love and affection.

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