16 Totally Fearsome Bears People Definitely Don’t Want To Mess With

As one of the world’s most recognizable apex predators, bears are pretty scary. They’re strong, they run fast, they have sharp claws and teeth, and they can scurry up trees and other structures easily, making escaping them nearly impossible. Still, bears are known to behave in different ways, too… and they can leave you scratching your head instead of running away in fear.

In a matter of moments, they go from the fiercest foes in the wilderness to some of the biggest, most lovable goofballs on the planet, and that can make you rethink everything you’ve ever thought about bears. Here are 16 silly bears that make it hard not to fall in love with them!

1. If a bull in a china shop is the euphemism for a “destructive force,” then would a bear in a china shop be a euphemism for a “delighted shopper?” Because let’s face it, this bear looked positively thrilled at the sight of a tiny tea cup!

DoctorExu / reddit

2. Getting stuck in traffic can be a lousy way to start and end the work day, and this bear couldn’t agree more. Luckily, he kept his temper in check and gesticulated his displeasure like the rest of his fellow commuters.


3. This photographer was enjoying the beautiful day near a rushing river when he looked to his left… and saw an enormous bear. It should have—and could have—been a terrifying experience…

jprocdaddy / Youtube

That’s when the bear did the unexpected: he found a spot beside the photographer, and just sat there! He watched a bird fly by as though it were the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen. Still, the bear’s shenanigans had only just begun…

jprocdaddy / Youtube

The longer the photographer watched, the more nonchalant the bear acted. After about 30 seconds of peacefully watching the river, the bear licked his lips. Was he thinking about dinner? Would the photographer be his next meal?

jprocdaddy / Youtube

But the photographer had nothing to worry about; this bear just wanted a friend to watch the water with. He even sat down on a little patch of soil to give his weary paws a rest. Way to make yourself at home, big guy!

jprocdaddy / YouTube

4. Any business owner would be lucky to have this goofy bear outside of their establishment—she’d make for a brilliant greeter! Waving her paw like that, it’s impossible to see this bear as anything but lovable!

Waggle TV / YouTube

5. Imagine stepping off the curb to hail a cab only to see this guy occupying the back seat? This bear inspires thousands of questions. Why is he in a cab? Where is he going? How scared is the driver right now? Are bears good tippers?

6. What exactly is going on here? Bear fanatics are still trying to figure it out. Maybe they’d been recently inspired by a late-night viewing of Cool Runnings and were working on their own bobsled formation?

Waggle TV / YouTube

When the bears finished their little routine, it didn’t become any clearer what, exactly, they’d been trying to do. Still, nothing spells “good times” like a six-bear conga line. How could you keep a straight face looking at these party animals?

Waggle TV / YouTube

7. When this bear discovered an above-ground pool, he could hardly contain his excitement. He just had to take a dip in the refreshing water! “Hey, buddy, mind passing me that can of Coors Light from the cooler over there?”

8. These bears aren’t above performing tricks if it means scoring a few hand-tossed treats. They took turns raising their paws to get snacks from the people on dry land. Hey, there are definitely worse ways for hungry bears to act!

Waggle TV / YouTube

9. Sometimes, life can get a little boring for animals at the zoo. This polar bear took recreation into his own hands when he worked out a balancing routine. Rest assured, the zoo’s guests loved it.

Waggle TV / YouTube

10. Swings can be complicated for little humans, so it’s no surprise that a baby bear would struggle with one, too. This cub was determined to have some fun no matter how long it took her to figure it out!

mihaifrancu / YouTube

11. Similar to a tyke taking a ride on the back of his dad’s motorcycle, this bear couldn’t handle the pure, unadulterated joy of riding a bike with his buddy. Is that a smile that says “fierce predator” to you?

12. A few minutes after polishing off any Thanksgiving meal, you’re bound to find yourself loosening your belt and rubbing your belly. Whatever this bear ate, it must have been delicious—she’s still licking his lips!

Waggle TV / YouTube

13. Life is rough, even for bears. When the going gets tough, sometimes nature’s fiercest predators need to slip into the local bar and toss back a few pints with the regulars. Certainly, he laid his emotions bare to his drinking buddies.

14. Young bears might be dangerous, but they’re like little kids sometimes. Watching this cub play with a block of ice is a good reminder of that. Just look at his innocence and happiness with such a simple game!

mihaifrancu / YouTube

15. Hammocks make for some of the most comfortable snoozing spots. They’re also really difficult to lie down on unless you’ve mastered your balancing act. This bear tried to get ready for a nap, but it looks like he encountered some snags.

Joseph_P_Brenner / reddit

16. Some people in this world are natural hula hoopers. Others are bonafide hooping failures. If you fall into the former category, sorry to say it, but this bear’s got you beat. Look at the grace in her hips as she hulas that hoop!

Chelsea Dominic / YouTube

Bears might be capable of ripping through just about anything with the greatest of ease, but apparently, they can be some of the sweetest creatures in nature, too!

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