Woman Finds A Deadly Snake Behind Her Fridge And Realizes It Isn’t Alone

Cleaning out the space behind your refrigerator can be a difficult experience. It’s not the easiest spot to reach, and moving the darned appliance is almost impossible unless you have the help of some strong people at your disposal!

But that was the least of one Australian woman’s worries when her cleaning regimen took a terrifying turn after she found something hiding behind her fridge. The object in question? A deadly Eastern brown snake.

The terrified homeowner quickly called animal control as any sane person would. But when they arrived, they found something that made her glad she saw the snake just in time…

A woman from Adelaide, Australia was hoping to clean the space behind her refrigerator. To do so, she moved everything away from the fridge so she could get a better angle to reach what was behind it. And that’s when she saw the snake.

Not taking any chances, the woman called for professional help right away. Snake Catchers Adelaide responded to the call, and, lucky for us, they decided to bring a camera for the job.

First, the snake wrangler had to get the refrigerator out of the way. Not only that, but he had to hope that he wouldn’t hurt the snake in the process. He wanted to capture it alive, after all…

Once the fridge was moved forward a bit, the snake wrangler decided to take a peek behind it to see if he could get some eyes on the situation. Sure enough, the snake was back there, trying to hide. As the man reached for it, however, he quickly realized how lucky the homeowner was that they caught the snake in time…

Little could have deterred this pro as he quickly snatched up the snake with his bare hands. He was not afraid at all of the dangerous critter, though he did warn the homeowner not to scream—possibly to make sure the snake would remain calm. Once he had the snake firmly in his grip, he tried to lower her into a bag for transport.

The real surprise of this whole event, however, came after the snake wrangler took her to his business’s facilities. If he hadn’t removed the snake when he did, the situation in that home could have been much, much worse.

The man had suspected that something else was afoot, but it was only a little while after removing the snake from the house were his suspicions confirmed. Wait for the end to see how much worse this could have been for that homeowner had she waited to clean her fridge…

Can you imagine what would have happened if she didn’t discover the snake in time? How about fourteen venomous snakes behind her fridge? No thankssss!

Share this video story with your friends and family, and remind them to always check behind the fridge!

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