Man Discovers 10-Week-Old Kitten Living In A Cardboard Box

For cat lovers, the idea of a feline living on the streets is just unthinkable. A cat belongs purring contentedly on our laps, doing battle with top-of-the-line cat toys, or feasting on gourmet fishy snacks.

Sadly, not all cats are born into such laps of luxury. For cats born on the street, there isn’t any time for playing. They need to focus all of their energy on just surviving.

When one Imgur user in Houston, Texas spotted an impossibly small kitten huddled on the city streets, he knew he had to intervene and give her a better life. The journey they went through together transformed both of their lives forever.

An Imgur user called “wollstone” was walking to the factory where he worked one day when he spotted a small kitten lingering outside of his job. They locked eyes, and he knew he had to help this little cat.

Another kind person had left a box with a beat up blanket for the kitten nearby, along with the remnants of an old hamburger. It was a thoughtful gesture, but kittens need more than old half-eaten burgers to survive and thrive.

Even though this kitten was starving, she stopped eating her food the second wollstone approached her. Most stray cats are scared around humans, but this kitten couldn’t get enough human contact. She rubbed up against him, purring away merrily.

He knew he was going to be late for work if he didn’t get a move on, but this kitten wasn’t letting him go anywhere. Every time he headed toward the door, she would meow at him imploringly. She must have decided that he was absolutely meant to be her person.

It was clearly time to bring the new kitten home and off of the streets. After telling his boss about his new friend, wollstone took the rest of the day off work to get his new friend situated. 

The first stop before heading home was a visit to the veterinarian’s office where he learned that, while the kitten was a little bit underweight, she was otherwise completely healthy. What a relief! 

At the veterinarian’s office, he also learned that this kitten was just 10 weeks old. This meant that while she was old enough to be separated from her mother, she was still going to need lots of care and attention if she was going to grow up to be healthy and strong.

Concerned that the kitten might have escaped from someone else’s home, he asked that his new kitty be scanned for a microchip. The veterinarian confirmed that this cat wasn’t chipped, and had likely been born on the streets. 

Once his kitten was given a clean bill of health, he took her home. He already had a pet dog named Ghost after a character from “Game of Thrones,” so he decided to name the kitten Arya, after another character from the hit show.

Arya didn’t take long to adjust to her new home at all! Her new owner surrounded her with new toys like a scratching post and lavished her with gifts like a cozy bed to curl up on at night.

Arya was on cloud nine! While she loved her bed and all of her news toys, it was clear that her owner was really what she loved the most about her new living situation.

While wollstone and Arya bonded almost instantly, it took a little bit longer for his dog Ghost to adjust to having a new friend of the feline persuasion taking over his personal space. 

Arya, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to bond with her new doggy friend. She played with his tail and followed him around wherever he went. Ghost wasn’t sure how he felt about all this attention.

Before long, Ghost started to love spending just as much time with the cat as she did with him! They even shared the same spot on the sofa for nap time.

Ghost’s favorite thing to do with his new best buddy? Play a rousing game of catch, or, as Arya must imagine it, “run away from the dog who keeps hurling a plastic ball at my head.”

It’s been over a year since wollstone first found Arya as a starving kitten on the streets. She may still be a little small, but she’s happy, healthy, and still loves spending time with her two new best friends.

The bed wollstone bought for Arya when he first took her in is still her favorite place to cuddle up and get cozy. Unless, of course, she decides that Ghost needs a nap companion.

It isn’t all just naps and cuddles for this cat! Oh no, not at all. Arya can get extremely feisty (just like her namesake) and has been known to literally climb the walls when she’s feeling particularly energetic. 

While many people might say that wollstone did a good deed by taking Arya in, he is quick to correct them. Arya is the one who rescued him! 

The special bond this human and her cat share is a touching reminder of the importance animals have in our lives.

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