6-Year-Old Dog Whisperer Helps Adults Catch A Stray That Had Been On The Run For Months

Dogs tend to have a sense for when they’re with people that like them. They are warm and playful with people who are willing to show them respect and affection, and time and again it seems they’re able to intuit when a person is in need of a little love.

That’s why adults in Hollister, California got in touch with 6-year-old dog whisperer Megan Hill to wrangle a stray pup who’d been wandering around their neighborhood for two months. There’s clearly something special about this little girl. Just look what she does when she sees the dog up close.

A group of people in Hollister, CA attempted to lure a stray dog that was regularly wandering around their neighborhood for two months, but were unsuccessful on multiple occasions…


That’s when the adults decided to bring in 6-year-old dog whisperer Megan who, along with her mother, had previously fostered the pup named Daisy.


See what Megan did to gain Daisy’s trust in the video below…

It’s amazing that Daisy was able to sense Morgan’s empathy. What a heartwarming story!

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