Woman Finds An Abandoned Suitcase On The Train Tracks With Something Alive Inside

Unattended baggage can start ringing alarm bells in a lot of people’s heads when they happen upon it at transportation hubs. More often than not, it’s nothing serious, but you can’t fault people for being concerned.

What one woman discovered inside an old, discarded suitcase abandoned on a train platform in rural England, however, was trouble of another sort. While she initially brushed it off, her dog was intent on taking a closer look.

That’s when she heard strange noises coming from inside…

A woman in rural England was walking her dog near some train tracks when she noticed an old, abandoned suitcase. While she didn’t think much of it, her pup was determined to investigate.

Amy De-Keyzer

After creeping closer to the deserted luggage, she was shocked to hear a faint sound coming from inside. She unzipped the bag—and found a mother cat and her eight kittens!

Amy De-Keyzer

The kittens were malnourished and required urgent care, but their mom was in even worse shape. The woman brought them all to the RSPCA, where they were able to see a veterinarian.

Amy De-Keyzer

The kittens were about 5 weeks old and in relatively good health. The RSPCA workers decided to name them all after characters from Disney’s The Aristocats. Say hello to Toulouse, Tiny Tim, Scat Cat, Berloiz, Alli, Duchess, Marie, and Eve!

Amy De-Keyzer

The kittens were still too young to be placed in homes, but they’ll get there! Thank goodness that woman and her dog didn’t just keep walking when they saw that suitcase sitting on the tracks.

Amy De-Keyzer

The RSPCA is hoping that the kittens will be ready for their forever homes soon, and anyone who is interested in helping can learn more by going to this page.

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