8-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Comforts Stray Dog After It Gets Hit By Speeding Car

Few people have overcome more adversity than Hüseyin el-Hasan. The eight-year-old Syrian refugee, who now resides in Turkey, has seen his home destroyed by war, and he has spent much of his young life fleeing from devastation.

It was what Hüseyin was seen doing recently, however, that has left many in awe. After he witnessed a speeding car strike a stray dog, he did what no one else would: he helped the injured pup. Rather just simply call for aid, though, Hüseyin did something far more meaningful.

Now, people all over the world are calling him a hero.

Refugees often suffer incredible hardships before they’re able to find new, safer homes (if they ever do at all). Even long after they’ve settled into their new lives, they could still be traumatized from their previous situations.

Ggia / Wikimedia Commons

After all, the sting of losing one’s home, not to mention all of the other challenges that someone may have been forced to endure in their old country, does not easily or quickly fade away.

SZERVÁC Attila / Wikimedia Commons

This is especially true for children, who rarely are equipped to handle these sudden, painful changes like adults can. Even with that in mind, though, their kindness and generosity could be quite surprising…

Even at the tender age of eight, young Syrian refugee Hüseyin el-Hasan, who was forced to relocate to Kilis, Turkey, has been through a great deal. Not only that, but he knows better than most the importance of human kindness.

Brian Dell / Wikimedia Commons

See, after witnessing a car hit a stray dog near his new home, the concerned Hüseyin did what no one else around him seemed willing to do: he decided to help the poor animal with the hopes that she would survive.

Anadolu Ajansi / Facebook

First, Hüseyin ran home and grabbed a blanket so that he could cover the injured dog. Then, he asked anyone who would listen for help, and he waited by the animal’s side until rescue arrived. His kindness was evident to anyone who saw what he was doing.

TRT Haber / Facebook

A team of animal rescuers eventually appeared and loaded the poor dog into a truck, where she was promptly taken to a vet. Tragically, she did not survive her injuries. As one might expect, Hüseyin was devastated.

TRT Haber / Facebook

The young boy’s compassion was not lost on the residents of his new town, however. Once news spread about what he’d done, the deputy mayor, Cuma Özdemir, visited Hüseyin to honor him for his kindness.

Bursa Marmara / Facebook

Though Hüseyin’s simple acts of compassion and thoughtfulness might seem relatively insignificant to some, Deputy Mayor Özdemir said it was indicative of the best humanity had to offer—especially since Hüseyin had been through so much devastation himself.

Bursa Marmara / Facebook

It was pretty remarkable that, despite all of the hardships he endured, Hüseyin managed never to lose track of what’s right. It’s awful that the dog didn’t survive, but hopefully she was given some comfort in her final hours thanks to Hüseyin’s incredible heart.

Judit Klein / Flickr

We could all stand to learn something important here. No matter how old you are, or what you’ve been through, it’s always worth it to help another in need.

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