Couple Shines A Light In This Hole Only To Be Stunned At How The Critter Inside Responds

Training your pets to obey simple commands can be a challenge, but conditioning an animal other than a dog, bird, or cat can be next to impossible. One couple, however, was determined to train the tiny creature they found living in a small burrow in their backyard.

They noticed that it seemed to respond to their voices. So they visited her habitat day after day, hoping they could make some progress with their potential new pal. Then, they knew it was time to just go for it.

Thankfully, when they decided to put their adorable experiment to the test, they brought along a video camera to capture the results!

One of the most important things that separates humans from other animals is our extraordinary ability to communicate with each other and convey complex pieces of information. We can even figure out what’s being said, even when words aren’t spoken—and even when it involves other animals!

Unfortunately, while animals do communicate with other species in terms of body language, there are limits to their understanding. It’s a regular communication breakdown! Even so, certain animals can figure out our commands in a limited capacity.

Usually, when we think of creatures who are capable of understanding us in that way, we think of domesticated animals like dogs and cats. Yet, you might be surprised to learn which other animals can respond to commands! Take what happened to one couple recently…

One couple was excited to see they had a new tiny friend who was hiding under a burrow in their backyard. She seemed a little bit shy, but the man and woman were both confident that she’d come out eventually—they simply needed to speak her language.

The woman explained how she believed that the creature was “responding to our voice commands.” It might sound crazy, but wait until you see what actually happened when they called out to their new friend, whom they named “Taco…”

The man made sure to clear a little pathway for “Taco,” just to make things a bit easier for her and to help her to feel more welcome. The creature had to come out of her hole and greet them sooner or later, right?

Finally, there she was, in all her reptilian glory! Taco was actually a tiny tortoise, and although the couple consistently referred to her as a male in the video, they later discovered that she was actually a female!

The most impressive part of this story, though, is not the fact that the couple mistook the animal’s gender, of course, but that she really did seem to recognize the name that these humans gave her. Maybe she was trying to tell them, “Hey, I’m a lady tortoise, not a fella! Get it right!”

It got even better, though. Just wait until you see what happened when Taco the tortoise demonstrated just how friendly she really was… and how much she was willing to trust her new human pals!

Just in case you thought that this was a fluke, the couple insisted that this phenomenon happened several days in a row. Plus, seven years after they originally posted the video, they said that “she is doing very well and growing.” Being a tortoise, hopefully she’ll have a long and happy life ahead of her!

Taco the tortoise is so friendly. This just goes to show that creatures of all sizes can live side by side in perfect harmony… and maybe understand what we humans say once in a while, too!

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