The World’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction Was Shut Down By The Government, For A Very Good Reason

When some people travel to an exotic place, they’re eager to try the more thrilling activities their destination has to offer. However, drawing the line between an adrenaline rush and a serious hazard can be difficult.

The Elephant Kingdom Park in Thailand was locally famous for allowing hundreds of visitors annually to go out on the water and feed their crocodiles. As it turned out, though, their safety standards weren’t exactly up to par…

The Elephant Kingdom Park in Chonburi, Thailand was locally famous for one particularly dangerous, but thrilling, attraction: feeding live crocodiles.

crocodiles-1Jon Nok

Tourists would go out on the crocodile-infested waters in a makeshift raft, and dangle bits of meat over the side to get a rise out the hungry creatures.

crocodiles-2Jon Nok

The rafts themselves were often broken down and unsafe. In fact, most of them were kept afloat by a number of empty plastic barrels strung together.

crocodiles-3Jon Nok

The crocodile farm was extremely popular with all manner of tourists, who seemed to love getting the crocs worked up and fighting aggressively over food.

crocodiles-4Youtube / 24/7 Eyes

Most seemed unconcerned about their safety on the hazardous rafts, not registering that they were a slight tumble away from being crocodile food themselves!

crocodiles-5Jon Nok

Eventually, a tourist named Jon Nok happened to pass the by the crocodile farm and was horrified by what he saw. He snapped some photos, which he posted on social media, and the international news media picked up the story soon after.

crocodiles-6Youtube / 24/7 Eyes

Once the pictures garnered international outcry, the Thai government and local police finally stepped in and shut down the park for its numerous safety hazards.

crocodiles-7Youtube / 24/7 Eyes

See video footage of tourists feeding the crocodiles at Elephant Kingdom Park in the video below:

Good thing something was done before anything really serious happened to any of the park’s visitors. This could have been deadly!

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