Abandoned Kitten Is The Size Of A Coin, But Rescuers Refused To Give Up

Rescuing an animal is no easy task. For some people, it’s as easy as calling an animal shelter and letting them take it from there, but for other people, it takes a great deal of time, money, and effort.

The latter was certainly the case for this Imgur user and her boyfriend, who adopted a kitten that was barely even the size of an ID card. Yet with their incredible commitment, something amazing happened.

Titan weighed less than one-and-a-half ounces when Imgur user NUUUDEL found her on the side of the road. “She was so small, I couldn’t believe something so tiny could be alive,” she said. She and her boyfriend showed a picture of the kitten to the vet. “They told me not to get my hopes up. None of the vets had ever seen a kitten so small that was alive,” she continued.


NUUUDEL didn’t let that stop her from trying to save the cat, whom she named Titan. (At first, the couple thought she was male.) It was also fitting because “she would get to either live or die as a Titan.”

NUUUDEL and her boyfriend worked in shifts to make sure the kitten stayed warm and was fed each hour.


For the first week, Titan was almost completely silent and motionless. “She didn’t gain any weight, and we contemplated every second if we were doing the right thing keeping her alive.”

But by the eighth day, Titan finally said her first words! “I woke up at 3 a.m. to meowing,” said NUUUDEL. “I was so confused, my first thought was that she was dying or in pain, she’d never made a sound before.”


“Turns out she was meowing for food, she was crawling all around her makeshift nest, and when I put the formula-filled syringe in front of her mouth she started howling,” said NUUUDEL. “She grabbed it with both of her too-small-for-life paws and ate with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever seen.”

Titan’s struggle was far from over. “We barely slept and often forget to eat, but it paid off.” Finally, Titan opened her eyes. “She still had a hard time moving around, and was very underweight and underdeveloped. But she was so full of life, always wanting food and pets.”


The couple found out that Titan was anemic, but they continued to work hard to make sure she would be okay. “She still had a bit of trouble navigating, but she was starting to get more adventurous, and could clearly recognize familiar objects and smells. She even started to play with toys!”

At 15 weeks, things really started looking up for Titan. “There were hard weeks. Weeks where everything was touch and go,” said NUUUDEL. “But she pulled through.”

Instagram / titanthemiraclekitten

It’s so wonderful that this woman and her boyfriend were willing to go to such lengths for a cat like Titan. Hopefully they all have many happy days ahead of them!

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