Dog That Looks Just Like A Bat Is Becoming A Huge Star On Instagram

Tucker, a 3-year-old albino Chihuahua/miniature Pinscher mix is much more than a weirdly cute face framed by floppy ears and a bowtie. Although this little rescue dog suffers from a disease known as MPS VI (mucopolysaccharidoses), which causes deformities and a host of health problems, Tucker is showing the world how to really embrace life despite its challenges.

Tucker has become the unlikely star of his own Instagram account, which boasts nearly 46 thousand followers—all loyal fans of his unusual look and big adventures. So, what goes on in Tucker’s world? Just take a peek!

This is Tucker, a 3-year-old mixed breed albino who struggles with MPS IV, which causes deformities and numerous health issues. In spite of his challenges, Tucker faces each day bravely, and seems to have a ton of fun doing it.

Instagram / Tuckerwearsgoggles

Tucker isn’t blind, but his eyes are cloudy. This makes getting around a bit of an obstacle, so he often wears goggles to protect his eyes from the light.

Instagram / Tuckerwearsgoggles

Anyone who looks at Tucker has an instant reaction to his very unusual appearance. No, he’s not a bat, but he does kind of look like one!

Instagram / Tuckerwearsgoggles

Tucker and his adopted mom love to cuddle at their home in Los Angeles.

Instagram / Tuckerwearsgoggles

His signature goggle-eyed look inspired his Instagram handle, @tuckerwearsgoggles.

Instagram / Tuckerwearsgoggles

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