15 Bizarre Cat Patterns That Are Almost Too Weird To Be Real

Chances are if you’ve looked at social media lately, you’ve seen dozens of pictures and videos of cats. Felines have made their way into the internet’s collective heart and it doesn’t appear as though they’re ever going to let up. Whether it’s a cat that can play the keyboard or a feline who has a realistic mustache, internet kitties find a way to entertain you.

Case in point, these 15 adorable cat photos that show cats have many unique features.Each and every one of these balls of fur has something that makes them uniquely distinctive. Just wait until you see these little cuties…

1. Top of the morning to you, little fella.

2. It’s like she’s getting a hug from a monkey wherever she goes. So cozy!

3. One Cat, two cat, purple cat… purple cat?

4. “My friends say I’m two-faced.”

5. “I believe that I’m the king of the jungle.”

6. He looks perplexed.

7. All she needs is a monocle.

8. Cat? More like raccoon!

9. Purr-t Reynolds?

10. I <3 u.

11. I got your nose.

12. Now that’s a soul patch. 

13. He can’t decide which side of the force suits him better…

14. “I wear my heart on my chin.”

15. Jinxy Cat, is that you?

Cats really do come with such unique coats. It’s easy to see why the internet loves them so much.

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