Watch How Far These Dogs Are Willing To Go To Defend Their Side Of The Fence

Dogs can be very territorial, especially when they encounter others they don’t know. Naturally, unfamiliar dogs can seem like an automatic threat to their food supply, finding mates, and snoozing on the best part of the couch. No way will they let other competitors grab what’s rightfully theirs!

While domesticated dogs may not get into as many fights as their wolf ancestors or feral cousins, they can certainly get angry at one another! So when two dogs got into a bit of a kerfuffle through a large gate in Chile one day, others felt the need to join in to try to protect their territory.

But there was something… unusual… about this particular barking brawl that will have you shaking your head.

In Chile, two dogs on opposite sides of a gate were extremely angry at each other. Their friends joined in, and it turned into an all-out barking brawl. It looked like they could attack each other at any moment…

Christian Alarcon / YouTube

Just watch what these brave dogs did the moment the gate started to open…

Wow, these dogs sure were angry… but apparently not enough to resolve their issue! We can imagine they were throwing empty insults—”say that to my face!” Naturally, once the gate opened, they chickened out!

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