Mutant Creature Abandoned At Birth Finds A Cure For His Loneliness

At one point or another, nearly everyone has felt as if they simply don’t belong. Whether you’re a student attending a new high school or an employee struggling to join the water cooler crowd, it can be one of the most challenging aspects of life. It’s a lonely feeling, and unfortunately, it doesn’t just affect humans.

In the animal kingdom, even looking different can literally be a life or death issue. For one unusual animal named Whipper, this was exactly the case.

Adopted by a kind woman named Julie Hayward, Whipper was spared from death. All it takes is just one look at him to understand why he’s so unusual, but it’s also clear that he’s quite lovable!

This unusual creature may not look like much of an animal at all. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a spool of yarn or ribbon, or perhaps one of those feather dusters in the cleaning aisle at Target.

But you’d be wrong! This isn’t a handful of ribbons or a cleaning tool—and he’s no ordinary animal, either. Boasting a bright green coloring, he’s certainly eye-catching. His name is Whipper, and he is, technically, a mutant.

While we’d all agree that Whipper’s differences make him special, that wasn’t always the case when he was a baby. His mutation did more than just give him an odd appearance, sadly—it actually caused his family to abandon him when he was born. So, what kind of animal is he?

It may be hard to believe, but Whipper is actually a mutant parakeet! Sure, he may not look anything like an ordinary parakeet, and he doesn’t sound like one either, likely due to the fact that he was separated from his species for so long. The mutation unfortunately, also rendered him blind. 

Whipper was rescued by a woman named Julie Hayward. The twosome live together in New Zealand, where luckily Whipper is appreciated for all of his eccentricities. He truly is a unique fellow!

You won’t want to miss seeing him in action! He may have had a rough start to his life, but he’s doing great now. Whipper is just like a big ball of green, fluffy yarn, and that makes him absolutely mesmerizing to watch. He’s truly an unforgettable little bird…

It’s hard to imagine a bird as beautiful as Whipper being abandoned. Thankfully, he got another chance at life, and his story can teach us a thing or two about accepting those who are different.

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