Man Heart Drops After Finding This Creature Hiding In His Kitchen

Though Frankie’s abusers had yet to be found, hopefully they saw Anita’s powerful message and didn’t harm any other animals. Thankfully, Frankie was finally safe from the cruel people who did this to him, and things could only look up for him from there.

Still, the poor hedgehog would have to spend some time recovering before he could be returned back into the wild. His spikes would take some time to grow back. It should be noted that, unlike a porcupine’s quills, it’s much more challenging for a hedgehog regrow their spikes.

Luckily,  Frankie was in good hands while he recovered. Despite the terrible abuse that had been done to him, he must have been relieved to be taken care of by people who genuinely cared about his well-being…

It should also be noted that hedgehogs are rather harmless to humans. In fact, as this story certainly shows, we’re more dangerous to them as they are to us. For example, many wild hedgehogs are accidentally run over by speeding cars.

Lars Karlsson / Wikimedia Commons

While hedgehogs may not be popular as pets—after all, you can’t really “pet” them!—they can still be absolutely adorable. Who would ever want to hurt a creature with that precious little face?

Hopefully Frankie makes a full recovery, and the people who did this to him are found! No animal should ever go through such abuse.

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