Man Heart Drops After Finding This Creature Hiding In His Kitchen

When a caretaker at England’s University of Sheffield stepped into a campus kitchen, he discovered a strange sight: some sort of prickly creature was running around the kitchen. The caretaker had no idea what to make of the little guy!

After he realized what he was looking at, however, he knew something was amiss. So, he rushed the poor thing to get some care, and that’s when he learned just how bad the situation was.

The critter in question was a wild hedgehog—and he had been horribly tortured. Needless to say, his chances of survival were very much in doubt…

One day, a caretaker at the University of Sheffield in England walked into the campus kitchen… and immediately noticed some sort of odd-looking creature scurrying toward him. Yikes! Was it a mouse? A rat?

Pomdu / Wikimedia Commons

Right away, he could tell something was seriously wrong. The animal was a wild hedgehog—with all of his spines “chopped off”—and he definitely was in need of immediate medical help. He was a sorry sight.

The little guy was brought to the Cawthorne Hedgehog Sanctuary in South Yorkshire, where he was put in the care of Anita and Allen Broadhead. After naming him Frankie, they tried to determine the extent of his abuse.

Frankie was undoubtedly scarred from his experience, and he refused to uncurl from his protective ball. Not only that, but he suffered from ringworm. While the university investigated the incident, Anita had a message for the perpetrators.

“Stop and think how you would feel,” she started, “if someone mistreated you and left you in a position where you couldn’t look after yourself because you had no means of protection.” She had a point; this poor little guy couldn’t defend himself from whoever did this to him.

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