Wolf Is Now Best Friends With The Donkey He Was Supposed To Eat

Disney cartoons, children’s stories, and fairy tales often show a variety of animals living in harmony. While there are certainly plenty of different species that get along well, these are usually sunnier depictions of animal life than the reality might reflect.

With that in mind, there’s little getting around the fact that predatory animals need to kill and eat their prey to survive. It may seem cruel, but that’s simply the way that the food chain naturally works in the real world.

Yet, every once in a while, nature throws a surprise or two at us. That was certainly the case when one wolf was given an old donkey for dinner…

In the Albanian village of Patok in 2007, locals were keeping a wolf that had been captured from the nearby mountains in a cage. One of the villagers put a live donkey in the enclosure so that the wolf would have something to eat, but something strange happened…

Instead of devouring the donkey, the unlikely pair became best of friends, living together peacefully. They even cuddled—it was as if they had been very close for many years! Perhaps the wolf was sympathetic, since he knew what it was like to be placed in an unfortunate situation.

Word of their bond spread throughout the world, and following the media frenzy, the Albanian government stepped in. The wolf was released back into the mountains from which he came, and the donkey was given a nice green pasture to live out the rest of his days.

The friendship between this donkey and this wolf is far from the only time that a potential meal turned into a buddy. This goat was meant to be a tiger’s lunch, but strangely, something incredible happened when he was brought into the tiger’s enclosure…

It was all caught on camera in Russia’s Far Eastern Safari Park. Amur, the tiger, was given a live goat, later named Timur. Not only was Timur completely fearless (his name means “iron,” after all) as he occupied the big cat’s bed, but Amur didn’t attack him!

The two definitely behaved like friends, which just goes to show that just because these animals have a natural predator/prey relationship, it doesn’t mean that they have to be enemies. Perhaps humans can learn a thing or two from them!

Luckily, as far as the wolf and donkey are concerned, their friendship did not end with their release. Instead, the wolf frequents that green pasture, where he enjoys visiting his old friend. And word has it that Amur and Timur are still the best of pals!

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