Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Her Horse After Being Away For Three Weeks

For a lot of people, dogs are the ultimate pet. Sure, other animals are great, but there’s nothing quite like man’s best friend—an animal who loves you unconditionally!

For others, though, having a horse is really no different than having a loving dog. You miss them when you’re away, and there’s no doubt that they feel the same. They might be a little bigger and harder to cuddle, but horses can be just as loyal as any canine companion.

When this owner had to leave to her horse for three weeks, she knew the distance would be hard on her adoring pet. But she had no idea just how much she’d really be missed until she came back to this

When you’re away from a close friend or family member for a long period of time, it can be difficult to figure out how to cope. After all, these important people become part of your routine, and you develop a tight bond with them that is difficult to forget.

It works much in the same way for certain pets. After all, their relationship with us goes far beyond the fact that we feed them and provide them with a home. They see us almost every day and have learned to rely on us for a certain amount of their happiness.

Dogs are particularly famous for missing their owners terribly. It’s almost as if they’re afraid that you might be gone forever every time you leave the house without them, which is why they get so excited when you come back!

However, it’s not just dogs, or even household pets in general, who miss humans when they’re away from home for a long period of time. It’s easy to overlook just how much any pet cares about us… that is, unless you have solid proof of it!

YouTube user Luckyhoof had been abroad—and away from her beloved horse—for three whole weeks. She was eager to finally see her beloved pet once again, but how would her horse react after sh’d been away from home for so long? There was only one way to find out…

As Luckyhoof approached the pasture, she started to call out to her horse to try to get her attention. Her horse didn’t seem to react immediately, though. Was the distance too much for her to recognize her owner?

“Here horsey-horse!” Luckyhoof called out adoringly. Initially, her horse—draped in a heavy coat to keep her warm—appeared cautious and somewhat confused. Who was this person shouting from so far away?

Soon enough, though, the curious horse threw caution to the wind and started sprinting toward the woman. As she drew near, she must have finally recognized the person she loved more than anyone in the world! But how would she react once she reached her owner?

You’re definitely going to want to watch what happened when the horse and her human finally got close to each other again. You can almost feel the overwhelming emotion from this sweet animal. Just wait until you see them together…

Aw! Horses may not be able to come into our houses or cuddle up with us on the couch, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still feel a close connection with us. They just express their love a little bit differently!

They’re both just so happy. Who knew that horses could express emotion so clearly? It’s the sweetest thing!

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