Woman Calls Off Her Wedding After She Sees A Video Of Her Fiancé With Their Dog

There are many qualities we look for in our significant others: smarts, sense of humor, work ethic, and kindness, just to name a few. It’s important to take into consideration how they treat others, too—and that includes our pets.

When one woman in Brazil started noticing bruises on her pet bulldogs, she suspected something wasn’t quite right. So, when her fiancé wasn’t home, so she set up a hidden camera. Later, what she found was so horrifying that she initially didn’t know what to do.

Then, she was forced to make a drastic decision that would change everything for her…

Ninna Mandin, a 26-year-old from Brazil, absolutely adored her French bulldogs. One look at them pictured here and it’s easy to see why. Look at those sweet faces! You can tell they are skilled at cuddling.

Instagram / guccimandin_frenchie

One day, however, she noticed mysterious and worrying bruises on their bodies. At first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then, she wondered if maybe they had gotten dirty. Eventually she couldn’t deny the truth.

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She decided to investigate by setting up a hidden camera in her apartment before she left for work. Not only that, but she also chose not to tell anyone about it. Specifically, she didn’t tell her fiancé about the camera…

Facebook / Ninna Mandin

When she finally got a chance to play the tapes back, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Ninna was horrified to find that her own fiancé was responsible for unthinkable cruelty toward her dogs!

Understandably, she immediately called off their wedding. How could she even think about getting married to a man who would treat her animals with such disrespect and callous cruelty? It was like she didn’t even know him.

Facebook / Ninna Mandin

Ninna went even further by posting the videos online to expose her fiancé as the monster that he really was. Please note before watching that this video contains footage that most people might find upsetting…

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Additionally, she set up an online petition for her ex-fiancé to be charged with animal cruelty. In cases like this, very often the person abusing the animal escapes with no charges or minimal charges. Isn’t that outrageous?

Police are now investigating the matter, and the perpetrator will soon be forced to testify. At the very least, other people who abuse animals will see how much trouble he got in and think twice about doing the same.

Hopefully, justice will soon come to this awful man who beat these helpless dogs. It would be nice if we could assume that everyone we love could be trusted with our pets, but sadly, that is not always the case.

Ninna is a real hero, and there’s no one out there who would disagree with that. She refused to let her feelings for her one-time fiancé get in the way of taking the best possible care of her pups.

How heartbreaking that Ninna had to learn the hard way about her fiancé’s true nature. Thank goodness she learned in time and was able to end their relationship and save her dogs.

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