Woman Forced To Stop Sleeping With Her Python After A Vet Tells Her What’s Really Going On

We tend to think of pets like any other part of our family, and we like them to be with us day in and day out. Some of us even let our pets sleep in our beds!

This is usually not a problem when it comes to common domesticated animals like cats and dogs. People with more exotic pets, however, may want to think twice before inviting them to share their sheets.

Recently, one woman learned this the hard way after she slept every night with her unusual pet…

It’s fair to say that most people consider their pets an important a part of the family. That said, it’s no wonder so many people like to spend every moment with their furry friends. Can you really blame them after all?

Pet owners enjoy the company of their animals so much that they often let them sleep with them. This usually isn’t a big deal with common domestic pets, like dogs and cats. The same cannot be said for other animals that are more exotic.

Sure, most pets like to cuddle—even the less fluffy ones, like reptiles—but some of them should be kept far, far away from our beds. One woman who slept in bed with her pet python every night had the unfortunate experience of learning that lesson the hard way…

While she slept, this woman would frequently allow the snake to lay across the entirety of her body. Yep, from her head right on down to her toes! That’s more than enough to make most people shake in their boots.

All was well, though, as the snake never once attempted to harm her while she slept. One day, however, she noticed that her python had suddenly stopped eating. Growing concerned, she took him to the vet to see what was wrong.

The veterinarian proceeded to ask the woman a series of questions about the recent behavior of the snake, and the woman explained that she slept with the snake every night. That’s when the vet began zeroing in on the problem…

After considering what the woman had just told her about her pet python’s behavior, the vet delivered some shocking news: the snake had stopped eating because it had been getting its stomach ready to consume a large meal

While snakes are known for their characteristically thin frames, they do tend to eat things much large in size than they are. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to see one attempt to eat cattle or other large wildlife, like deer.

Thank goodness the woman decided to visit the vet that day to see what was wrong. She was in complete shock when he told her it was entirely possible her beloved python might’ve been preparing to eat her while she slept!

When the woman brought her python home, she decided that he would need to start spending his nights in his sealed terrarium, far away from her bedroom. After that, maybe she decided it was time to consider getting a dog…

That sure was a close one! You have to think she won’t be sleeping with her python anytime in the near future.

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