Baby Goat Does Yoga With Her Owner Every Day — And It’s Too Adorable

Goats may not seem like a practical pet, but the truth is that they’re just as fun, loving, and interactive as any cat or dog.

Just ask Rachel Bratham, who loves her pet goat, Penny Lane, so much that she takes her everywhere—even to yoga class!

Penny is not your average baby goat. Sure, she enjoys snacking and being cuddled…

…And she’s a mischievous little climber.

But, unlike other goats, Penny is excellent at yoga!

Penny is a regular participant in her mom Rachel’s yoga practice. She’s equal parts coach and mascot.

She also makes sure that her form stays perfect.

As you can see, it’s plenty of fun for Penny Lane, too!

“Easy does it, Mom! I’m kind of afraid of heights!” 

It’s almost like climbing a real mountain!

While Penny Lane has no plans to open a goat-friendly yoga studio of her own, she’s happy as can be to keep hanging out in Rachel’s!

We’re sure Rachel is just as glad to keep Penny Lane around.

Watch these two do their adorable routine!

That’s officially the cutest thing we’ve seen today. Who else is thinking of putting a note in the suggestion box at their yoga studio that says “We need more baby goats in the class!”?

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