20 Muscular Animals That Have Been Hitting The Gym Like A Bodybuilder

For decades, humans have worked to perfect their bodies. Glistening abs, popping pecs, and thighs that could stop a truck are possible through sweat and hard work, so why not sign up for a few dumbbell-tossing classes a week and carve out your ideal physique?

Unlike us, however, animals don’t have worry about staying in shape. Their everyday activities sculpt their bodies into the stuff bodybuilders could only dream of. These 20 animals are already so buff, in fact, that you might want to hire them to be your trainer!

1. Bro-rilla: Hide your significant other because when this beefy gorilla strolls into town you can expect to be single in a heartbeat. Who needs to be “King of the Jungle” when you can be the “Casanova of the Congo?”

2. I am the One Who Barks: Canine? More like ca-ten! This dog is so intimidating that he’s the one who throws the ball when his owner wants to play fetch. Good luck, though, because with shoulders like that there’s a good chance the ball might sail halfway across the globe!

3. Kangaroo Jacked: Hulk Hogan may have 24-inch pythons, but judging by the shape that bucket is in, he’d be crazy to step into the ring with this kangaroo. Billed as “The Thunder from Down Under,” this muscular marsupial looks primed to be the next big thing in the world of professional wrestling. 

NBC News

4. What Blubber?: Subsisting on a diet solely of cod might not seem the healthiest, but just try and tell that to this beluga whale and his washboard abs (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for that matter). Captain Ahab definitely doesn’t stand a chance against this fella.

5. Flex-cretariat: Who needs a Triple Crown when you’ve got triple the biceps? This horse is so jacked that you need his permission to ride. And forget carrots: this enormous equine only downs whey protein shakes.

6. Me-Ouch!That’s likely what other cats would say if they ever crossed this menacing feline. Word on the street is that she once bench-pressed two full bags of Meow Mix with just a single paw!

7. The Real G.O.A.T.: Forget tin cans. The only thing this goat is chomping on is that field of protein-rich, GMO-free flowers. Sure, he’ll probably need an extra 5,000 calories to keep the pounds on, but with muscles like that, it’s unlikely the other goats will try to stand in the way of his next meal.

nonconformist3 / Reddit

8. Purr-fect Form: That’s the only explanation for this tabby’s tremendous physique. No wonder cats are always climbing up trees: thick branches clearly make the best pull-up bars!

omrimayo / Reddit

9. Who Needs Bricks?: After the Big Bad Wolf blew down his brothers’ houses and gobbled them up, the last of the Three Little Pigs decided to take matters into his own hooves. The old wolf took one look at those massive thighs and immediately made a break for the hills.

Montle1 / Reddit

10. Queen of the Jungle: Move over, Simba, because it’s Nala’s turn to rule. While the young lion was out singing and frolicking with Timon and Pumbaa, Nala was hitting her P90X tapes day and night. The upcoming push-up contest for control of Pride Rock is sure to be an interesting one…

11. Looks Can Be Deceiving: Ants may seem puny, but, incredibly, they can support 5,000 times their own body weight! With the average ant weighing between 1 and 5 mg, it’d be unwise to get on the bad side of a good 60 million of them…


12. No Days Off: Does this cow lift? Pssh. He invented weightlifting. This cow was actually the real winner of the Mr. Olympia competition from 1972 to 1975, though he felt bad for Arnold Schwarzenegger and yielded the title to him. What a guy.

The Gym Lifestyle

13. Earn Your Stripes: Everyone knows that big cats are some of the most powerful animals in the world, but this tigress puts the rest of her feline family to shame with the kind of muscle she’s packing. If Kellogg’s ever needs a new Frosted Flakes mascot, they know exactly who to call.

Animalia Life

14. Aquaman? Is that You?: With muscles like these, it’s no wonder many have mistaken this trout for the legendary aquatic hero. No, this little guy can’t control tides or summon sharks to his aide, but with abs like that you can bet nobody is going to want to mess with him.

Popular Science

15. Smelly Weights: Instead of opting for a set of stainless steel dumbbells, dung beetles would prefer to roll around a giant ball of… well, you know. Given that the average beetle can push 250 times its own weight, however, scooting around balls of dung all day seems like an ideal way to get that perfect pump.

Epic Wildlife

16. Slam-ster: A nickname like this is only given to the strongest of the strong, and this little hamster proved she was tough as nails after ripping her running wheel right off her cage. Guess she’s not a huge fan of cardio…

17. Big Gains: After the gorillas in the neighboring enclosure referred to him as a “shrimp- pansy,” this chimp didn’t get mad: he got huge. Now he’s the one doing the taunting, calling them “not so swole-rillas”. The animal kingdom is a brutal place.


18. Catman: The hero we need, but not the one we deserve. Until the world is ready to accept the awesomeness that is the Catman, he’ll be here, high in the mountains, hitting some heavy shoulder shrugs and yoga posing like a pro.

World Atlas

19. Bull…dozer: Whatever you do, do not approach this bull while wearing bright colors. This burly bovine once demolished an entire village in an afternoon after catching sight of a man in a red shirt. It’s probably safe to say he’ll never wear that color again.

20. King Kong Jr.: He may not be as big as his dad, but King Kong Jr. is well on his way to being the next great ape to climb the Empire State Building. Just look at those arms: they’ll be calling him the “Ninth Wonder of the World” soon enough!


21. Knickers the Cow: Well, he’s technically a steer, but there’s no denying how truly massive this behemoth bovine is. Standing 6’4″ and weighing 2,800 pounds, the 7-year-old Knickers is roughly 3/4 as heavy as the average car and is as tall as NBA star Steph Curry. That’s a lot of cow!

Geelong Advertiser

22. Jeff the Rabbit: If you thought the Easter Bunny was big, wait until you check out Jeff. The 4’5″, 42-pound fluffball is the current Guinness World Record holder for largest rabbit, beating out his father, Darius, by an inch. Good luck pulling this guy out of a hat!

New York Post

23. Big Jake the Horse: Even the tallest jockey might have a hard time hopping a ride on Big Jake. The 17-year-old Belgian Gelding horse stands at just around seven feet tall and has held the title of the “Tallest Living Horse” since 2010. You might have to stand on your tip-toes just to feed him a carrot!

Guinness World Records

24. Omar the Cat: While most of the biggest cats live in the jungle, this furry feline might just give them a run for their money. Measuring 3’11” and weighing 31 pounds, this Australian Maine Coon is considered by many to be the largest house cat in the world. Let’s just hope his hairballs aren’t too big…


25. Gary the Capybara: If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s largest rodent looks like, just look at Gary. The capybara weighs in at a husky 112 pounds. And yes, you’re right: he is absolutely adorable.


26. “Whopper”: That’s the only word you can use to describe this enormous freshwater stingray, which was pulled out of Thailand’s Mae Klong River by TV host Jeff Corwin on a 2015 episode of Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin. The record-breaking ray measured 7’9″ feet across by 14 feet long and weighed an unbelievable 800 pounds.

National Geographic

27. Zeus the Dog: The tallest dog ever recorded, this imposing Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, stood a remarkable 44 inches when he set the record in 2012. Sadly, Zeus passed away in 2014, but, judging by the size of this incredible pooch, his record is unlikely to be broken any time soon.

28. Hercules the Liger: With a name like Hercules, you know this guy’s gonna be big. The hybrid offspring of a male lion and a ligress, this gargantuan feline is 10’9″ feet long, 4’1″ feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs an incredible 922 pounds, making him the world’s largest living cat.

The Huffington Post

29. Lolong the Crocodile: Measuring 20’3″ from tail to snout, and weighing 2,370 pounds, Lolong holds the record for the largest crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity. Following his death in 2013, Lolong’s body was preserved for display in Manila’s National Museum of Natural History.


30. Chris the Sheep: This Merino sheep gained international attention in 2015 when he was spotted in the Bush with an enormous excess of wool. After 42 minutes of sheering – most sheep take about two minutes to sheer – a total of 89 pounds of wool had been removed, making Chris the woolliest sheep ever.

31. Medusa the Snake: At 25’2″ inches long, this python holds the record for the largest living snake in captivity, as well as the record for the largest snake ever measured. An attraction at “The Edge of Hell Haunted House” in Kansas City, patrons can regularly view the super-sized serpent in all her slithering glory.

Guinness World Records

32. “Cheeks”: That’s probably not its name, but considering the size of this squirrel it’s safe to say its familiar with storing food for the winter. This chubby rodent was spotted by photographer Marina van der Linden while shooting in California’s Morro Rock State Preserve… just after she’d put out some nuts.

Marina van der Linden

33. Big Bill the Pig: They just don’t come much larger than Big Bill, who tipped the scales at 2,552 pounds and became the world’s heaviest pig in 1933. Considering the average porker weighs around 280 pounds, it looks like Big Bill’s record is safe… for now.

Wilson Post

34. Goldie the Goldfish: Most people consider it lucky if their goldfish survive for a week, let alone 15 years. Such was the case for Goldie, who, in addition to outliving all of his owner’s other pets, set the record for the largest goldfish at 15 inches in length and over 2 pounds in weight. Look out, Jaws!

35. Trouble the Cat: Don’t look now because here comes Trouble — literally. Part house cat and part African serval cat – a hybrid known as a Savannah – this Sacramento feline measures a remarkable 19 inches from nose to tail. Surprisingly, though, Trouble only weighs about 20 pounds.

36. Bailey Jr. the Bison: Most large animals don’t enjoy being kept as pets, but that’s not the case for Bailey Jr. The nearly two-ton Canadian bison has been described by his owner Jim Saunter as “a puppy dog” in terms of his demeanor, and as a calf, Bailey Jr. was even known to join Jim for TV time.


37. Zorba the Dog: This massive Mastiff set the record for the world’s heaviest dog in 1987 with a weight of 314.5 pounds. Then, two years later, he broke his own record when he weighed in at 343 pounds. You have to feel bad for whoever was in charge of giving this colossal canine a bath…

38. Bandit the Raccoon: Most would suspect this furball packed on the pounds from rooting through garbage cans, but Bandit owed his incredible size to a thyroid condition. At the time of his death in 2004, the chubby raccoon weighed an amazing 75 pounds.

Daily Mirror

39. “Birdzilla”: This child-sized rooster made headlines in 2017 when a video surfaced of it bursting forth from its wooden hutch. While this particular breed of rooster – known as Brahma – is the largest variety of chicken on the planet, this bird weighs an astonishing 16.5 pounds and stands almost 3 feet tall.


40. Sammy the Tortoise: After adopting the tortoise when he was just 10 years old, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick expected the little guy to grow to the size of an average box turtle. Well, he was wrong, as 21 years later Sammy weighed 115 pounds!

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