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Pet Owners Share The Most Absurd Places Their Cats Have Ended Up

Think dogs are the ones you have to watch closely? Nope! It's cats you really don't want to turn your back on. Left alone for even half a second, frisky felines are practically programmed to find trouble — or squeeze and squirm their way into spaces they definitely have no business being in. And the next time your cat disappears for hours on end, there's a good chance you may just find them in one of these ridiculous places.

Guess I'll hold it

So, you burst into the bathroom, bladder on the verge of exploding — only to find your cat curled comfortably inside the toilet. And judging by the look on his face, he's clearly saying, "Find another place to do your business, pal. This spot's taken!"

This is comfy

Nothing to see here! Just an ordinary garbage can with a face. Seriously, though, how is this comfortable? We bet this cat also has a nice fluffy bed and a $200 cat tree sitting just a few feet away. That always seems to be the case.

Hands off

This looks like something out of a cat-themed zombie movie. And while we'd like to think the kitty is simply reaching out for a helping hand, there's a good chance she's just trying to swat you away from her new hangout spot.

I am rug

This cat is clearly a master of camouflage, but even one so skilled in the art of blending in still needs to let his little feet breathe. Yup, if you're a cat owner, definitely make sure to look down before stepping into the shower.