Adorable Animals On Public Transport Who Could Brighten Up Anyone’s Commute

A boring commute is the worst way to start a work day, and many of us can’t avoid it. But smiles are the best medicine, and the ultimate way to deliver them is with a shot of adorable animals — stat! So take 50 cc’s of drowsy dogs, commuting kitties, and the odd roaming rabbit, and call us in the morning. You’ll be feeling a lot better in no time.

40. Tight squeeze

Paddy the cockapoo, who was born in Yorkshire but now lives in London, has no problem riding on public transportation. Their only issue is that their seats are too far away from the cuddle-giving humans. Luckily, trains were made with this in mind, and have handy dog-sized gaps to squeeze through. Who wouldn’t want a visit from Paddy on the journey to work?

39. Feathered friend

We’ve all seen dogs on leashes, and maybe even cats — but birds? The last thing you expect to find when you’re on the metro between Schiedam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands is a gold macaw parrot, and a leashed one is rarer still. We bet you’re not as surprised as the photographer, though. “I’m still next to [the] bird,” they wrote. “Speechless and shocked.”

38. In the bag

Since only animals that fit in bags are allowed on the NYC subway, some smuggling attempts are more creative than others. Pamela on Twitter spotted this conspicuous commuter. “My favorite picture ever of someone bringing a dog ‘in a bag’ on the subway,” she wrote. Well, no one can argue that dog is in a bag. Or maybe it’s a new product, a bag version of those suitcases on wheels? If so, we want one.

37. Eye-opening trip

One Reddit user wrote, “Train on my way back home got delayed but I was blessed by this cute little guy paying me attention.” Aww what a lovely way to distract tired travelers. And in 2017 Yoro Railway Co Ltd in Ogaki, Japan, partnered up with Kitten Cafe Sanctuary to raise awareness of stray cats and created a mobile cat cafe. It would be impossible to get ‘delay rage’ on the kitty express.