15 Of The Craziest Cat Photos That Went Viral For Very Good Reasons

No matter how you slice it, the internet is an incredible resource. It’s full of fascinating information and helpful tools to make living everyday life just a little bit easier.

Oh, did we also mention that it’s full of cats? If you’re a cat lover, there’s no better place to find all of the kitty content your heart desires, from fail pictures to hilarious videos. Of course, there are always some that really stand out from the crowd.

For example, these 15 cats went super viral—and when you see them, you’ll understand why!

1. Cats are really great at playing hide-and-go-seek. The secret to their skills at this popular childhood game? They very often fail to tell you that they actually started playing the game. Gets ’em every single time.

2. One of the most compelling things about cats is how mysterious their behavior can be. This cat had a whole carpet to curl up on, yet he wouldn’t rest until he had all four paws firmly planted on an envelope. What an adorable weirdo.

3. For hundreds and hundreds of years, cats have been a source of comfort and inspiration. While the chances are slim that this cat really inspired that painting, stranger things have happened!

4. When two people don’t get along, they are often described as “fighting like cats and dogs.” Well, those people clearly never met this dog and cat. This kitty cared about his canine buddy so much that snuggling her was a top priority during a frightening fireworks show!

5. If you are a massive fan of felines but can’t have any of your own because you have allergies, take a page from this cat lover’s book. Plant catnip in your garden, claim it’s to keep mosquitos away, and act “surprised” when this happens!

6. Some people accuse cats of having a real attitude. While that’s not always true, it’s clear from this photo that this family of cats have absolutely no time for your silly human nonsense.

7. This cat proves that you don’t need to be a human being in order to be a drama queen. When he saw this nativity display being erected, all he had to do was wait for the right moment to bless it with his divine presence!

8. Maybe this cat was born with it… or, maybe it’s Maybelline. Actually, in this case, it’s pretty clear that the cat was, in fact, born with it. And by “it,” we clearly mean those gorgeous, naturally lined eyes. She’s more than ready for the catwalk!

9. There is no question whatsoever about the dancing abilities of these cats. They’ve got style, grace, poise, and killer timing. However, in order for them to succeed as a girl band, they need to record an album, likely titled Meow or Never.

10. They say that, in Hollywood and New York, the sign of a truly great actor is their ability to always find their light and stay in it. This cat obviously got the memo, because he’s found his light and he’s not going anywhere.

11. The fact that this cat chose to deliver her kittens beneath the Christmas tree means that she’s something special. It just gives you the feeling that she understands that life’s special gifts should be placed under the tree with care!

12. You might think of modesty as being a distinctly human trait, but this is one cat who takes his privacy very seriously. Look at the way he’s curled his tail up over his unmentionables! Such a little gentleman.

13. Cats love to eat, it’s true. Usually, though, they aren’t as grabby with human food as their canine counterparts might be. Somebody clearly never mentioned that to these adorable cats who enjoy going on human dinner dates.

14. This cat proves the old adage, “If I fits, I sits,” to be totally true… in fact, he might even prove that a cat will sit somewhere even if he doesn’t fit! Cats just can’t help it; the draw of a box is just too darn alluring!

15. This photograph is basically better than half of the engagement photos you will see posted to Facebook this year. Look at the expression on his cat’s face! That’s what is called total and complete adoration, friends.

Looking at these pictures, it’s easy to understand why they all went viral the way that they did! Each and every one is absolutely priceless. If you didn’t crack a smile, you might be due to pet a kitty.

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