40+ Adorably Dumb Dogs Who Can't Seem To Figure Out Basic Facts

Dogs are famously simple creatures: you throw a stick, and they'll chase after it. You tell them to roll over, and chances are they'll roll over — with big, cheerful smiles on their faces, too! From rainbow-colored pooches to more than one trapped corgi, these dogs have never experienced a dull moment. What they lack in brain power they more than make up for with pure enthusiasm...

Not-so-lost dog

Apparently, run-away dogs can sometimes find their way home! According to the Redditor who posted this image, his lost dog wasn't very good at being lost. After combing the neighborhood in search of the pooch, the owner found the pooch wistfully peering through his own front door. He was back just in time for dinner!

Such a seal-y dog

Why is there a seal on this list about dogs? Oh, wait — that's no seal. It's actually a hopelessly confused puppy! He tried to get into this sweater all by himself and ended up looking like a worm instead. Don't worry, little guy — we've all gotten lost in a sweater before!

Little legs

This looks...comfortable? Leave it to dogs to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable places in the house. This little guy is peacefully snoozing away, and we have no idea how. With his little legs practically smushed upside-down, he's sure to feel the burn in the morning.

Don't look up!

This dog's detective skills clearly need a little work. This rookie detective was hot on the tail of a notorious feline thief when suddenly, she disappeared! Where could she be hiding? He could've sworn she ran into this room...