What Someone Just Caught On Camera In Canada Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen.

In the northern reaches of the Canadian wilderness roams the moose, the largest member of the deer family. These giant creatures measure at nearly seven feet from shoulder to hoof, and weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds.

But living among these gentle woodland animals is a moose not known for its size, but how rare it is to see. And when you look at it, you’ll see it’s every bit as beautiful as you can imagine.

This is an albino moose. They are one of the rarer animals on the planet.


They’re not to be confused with “white moose,” who are also rare, but not truly albino.


The chances of a moose being born with the albino trait is about 1 in 100,000.


Their white coat comes in handy in the snowy winter months.


Sightings of these magnificent creatures are understandably rare.


Seeing two of them together is simply unheard of!


Nature is truly incredible.


While albino moose are rare, they’re still the target of hunters in North America. However, places like Newfoundland and Idaho are making it illegal to hunt these gentle creatures. Hopefully that means we might start seeing more of them!

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