Photos Of Animals Experiencing Everyday Things For The Very First Time

How did you feel the first time you experienced a snowstorm or took a dip in the pool? Amplify your reaction tenfold, and you'll see just how surprised, awe-struck, and flabbergasted animals become when they experience a new moment in life. Your toddler taking their first steps is nothing compared to these curious furry friends who quickly discovered that there was so much more to the world than they knew. Housepets, prepare for your minds to be blown!

1. Squirrel vs. bird feeder

This YouTuber took his passion for crafting to the extreme by making a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Its elaborate layout appears closer to a game show obstacle course than a simple backyard bird feeder. No squirrel has come across this kind of obstacle course before, and this guy tried his best! Which squirrel will reign victorious and win the food prize? Of course, no squirrels were harmed!

2. Three new sheriffs in town...

It's always best to take your time when adding a new pet to your household, but there weren't enough minutes in the world to prepare this canine for her new roommates! With these squirmy little kittens eagerly approaching, it's no wonder this spooked dog ran for cover.

3. This ferret's first snowfall

Ferrets are quick, energetic creatures, and apparently, that doesn't change when they're in the snow! If given the opportunity, they'll jump and dive into it. Before you know it, your pet ferret might act out a scene from Jaws, staying hidden until popping out when least expected.

4. Who is this curious creature?

Two BBC filmmakers were able to document the daily goings-on of The Lion King's best supporting character, Timon the meerkat, and what they captured didn't disappoint. This meerkat gang became intensely interested in the looming humans and their devices. A human teaching a meerkat how to use a camera sounds like the perfect movie pitch for Disney+.