Animals Who Found Themselves In Adorably Compromising Situations

We'd like to think our pets are perfect little angels, but that's far from the truth. After all, the moment you turn a blind eye, animals get up to all sorts of mischief. Naturally, this behavior (or rather, misbehavior) leads to adorable creatures getting stuck in all sorts of compromising positions. Let's take a look at some hilarious photos that will make you think, "How did these animals end up here in the first place?"

Musical chairs

Most of the time, when humans get stuck in a chair, panic ensues. But even without help from the fire department, this dog did not panic, unlike most of his human counterparts. In fact, judging by this canine's adorable smile, he didn't mind his new accessory one bit!

"Oh, you're home early"

While cats pride themselves on reaching high places without a hitch, this feline wasn't so lucky when she tried to leap through a window. To add to the embarrassment, her owners arrived home just in time to take this amusing photo! At least she had someone to help her out of the blinds' grasp.

Be kind, rewind

After looking at this photo, there are two pressing questions that come to mind. Firstly, what on earth is a frog doing there? Secondly, who still owns a VHS player? Judging by the frog's decision to pop his head inside, he was also bamboozled by the sight of such an ancient device!

Extreme hide and seek

This little dog thought that it would be fun to stress out her owners by hiding under the sofa. After checking every other spot in the house, this couple flipped over their sofa and found her in an embarrassing position. It seems like the joke was on her!