20 Times Animals Were Caught Being Hilariously Rude To Each Other Without A Care In The World

The internet is full of thousands of animals being cute, cuddly, and all-around wonderful. Or at least, that’s how it seems to us. However, if you asked around you might hear a different story!

These 20 animals are guilty of being rude to humans and their fellow creatures in the most hilarious of ways. Without a doubt, it’s always the adorable ones that you never see coming…

1. Anger management classes are a great way to learn to keep one’s cool in the face of an unbearable annoyance. Unfortunately for this kangaroo, the Australian Outback doesn’t offer any of these classes. Or punching bags.

2. There are very few things in nature that can make a lion look less majestic than they really are. It turns out that a tail to the face is one of those things.

3. This cat was more than happy to accept this dog’s invitation to a four-course dinner party. Little did she know that the fourth course was her own head! 

4. When two people are in conversation it’s considered rude to cut between them without excusing yourself. Either that’s not the case in the world of primates or this guy is a serious jerk! 

5. How, exactly, this fur seal made its way to the hood of this car in Australia is anyone’s guess. Still, there’s no denying that it is a seriously obnoxious move, however it came to be! 

6. Birds are known for their beauty and grace when gliding through the air. They’re also known for delivering wicked roundhouse kicks when other birds try to steal their seeds.

7. Someone sign this goat up for the professional wrestling circuit because that dropkick is the stuff that world heavyweight champions are made of!

8. Shortly after this photo was taken, the dog on the right was busted for sticking his tongue out at his girlfriend. Too bad she didn’t believe him when he said he was just trying to catch snowflakes.

9. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Or was it, “Revenge is a dish full of soggy kibble”? Either way, let’s hope no one ever crosses this cat again.

10. Penguins might look cute and fluffy, but the truth is they can be jerks just like the rest of the animals out there. This one certainly is! 

11. Parents can sometimes go a little overboard when it comes to getting their kids to eat their dinner. Apparently, this mama cat was not about to let another bowl of good food go to waste…

12. This little boy just wanted to spend his day looking at creatures from the deep. Tragically, they didn’t really feel like being stared at on this particular day. 

13. All this dog ever wanted was to follow his dream of herding sheep for a living. After his first day on the job, however, it may be time for him to consider a career change.

14. It looks like sibling rivalry is alive and well in the animal kingdom. Although, they might actually be doing the little pup a favor by helping him get his face in the water. Drink up!

15. This goat is making millions after starting a new sheep-based ride-sharing service. It’s too bad he didn’t use cows, though. He could’ve called it “Moo-ber”.

16. It’s great that this cat wanted to work on her magic act before the big show, but she probably should’ve gotten a more willing volunteer.

17. This is the most uneventful game of tag in history. Did that owl have any idea she was even playing?

18. How do you get someone to finally wash their two-week-old laundry? You trap them inside the hamper, of course!

19. From the look of those thorny branches, it might make sense for this bird to yelp out in pain. But from the look on the yellow bird’s face, the thorns probably aren’t to blame. 

20. After a long day at the park, Scooter was sick of being called “cone head” by all the other dogs. Luckily, this cat gave him a new nickname: “trampoline”. 

Who knew animals could be so rude? I guess we better make sure we don’t get on their bad sides!

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