20 Guilty Pets Who Were Caught Red-Handed Misbehaving

When you own a pet, it’s not unusual to come home to shredded toilet paper littering the floor, dirty paw marks on the walls, and pet food strewn about like someone shot it from a cannon. Even though we want to think of our animals as the “best-behaved pets in the world,” they all have a secret passion for mischievous behavior.

Of course, whenever you do find ol’ Fido nestled in a mess he created, it’s almost impossible to get angry. They’re animals for crying out loud — misbehaving and goofing off is just what they do! The best solution is to simply snap a photo of their misdeeds and share it online.

1. In a desperate attempt to recreate her favorite scene from the Disney film Lady and the Tramp, this colorful feline got her spaghetti slurp on. She was so eager to perform she didn’t wait for another cat to jump on the other end of the noodle!

2. How is anyone expected to enjoy a cup of coffee when pigeons are acting like each glass is their own personal restroom? This feathered bully better cough up the money for a new drink!

3. Once the spirit takes hold of this Dalmatian, there’s just no stopping the music! He’ll slam on that piano all night long, howling out tunes and letting the musical spirit move him. Move over Billy Joel, there’s a new piano man in town!

4. After a patient gets a thorough checkup in this office, the doctor passes it over to the second-in-command: their cat. The feline will look over the results, sleep on it, then deliver her diagnosis when she wakes up.

5. This lovely lady channeled her inner fashionista when her owner was out of the house making a dress from her favorite blanket! That dog in the background sure looks jealous because his style is severely lacking.

6. No game night is complete without a nosy cat making their way onto the game board and completely putting an end to all progress. Whoever is in the lead when the cat comes in and ruins everything automatically wins.

7. Uh oh, someone got busted! All he wanted was a bone, but he got caught up in some illegal kibble-smuggling activity, and now he has to pay for his crime. Life can be ruff sometimes!

8. After a long day at work, this employee thought the fax machine was the ideal location for an afternoon snooze. Hopefully, she’s not accidentally faxing pictures of her rear end to her clients!

9. Why run around in the grass outside under the sweltering sun when you can just drag the sprinkler in through the doggy door? You might as well bring your toys to where the air conditioning is.

10. There will be no gardening happening when this cat’s around. Still, at least he’s only lounging and not taking bites out of the leaves… at least, not when the camera’s watching.

11. This dog looks like he’s a bouncer at the hottest dog club in town — and he’s going to make sure no one underage gets in! Pooches better have their doggy tags ready if they want to get in and enjoy the luxuries of that upscale kitchen life.

12. Even though some animals aren’t allowed out of the house, that doesn’t mean they can’t still make new friends. It looks like every morning these two households are visited by a couple of curious creatures who want breakfast!

13. Why would anyone watch birds through the open bottom half of the window when there are plenty of noisy blinds to fumble with on top? Must be one heck of an engaging bird show this curious guy’s watching.

14. There’s really no more proper way to spend an afternoon in the sun than drifting around a pool in a tube while you doze. Hopefully no one cannonballs into the water and disrupts his zen moment.

15. This cat’s owner bought the spray bottle so they could prevent him from jumping up onto furniture. It turns out the bottle should be more afraid of the cat! Maybe the owner needs to invest in a Super Soaker. That’ll show em!

16. It’s going to take more than those cute “who, me?” eyes to get outta this mess. She picked a pretty epic fight with a roll of paper towels, and now she wants everyone to gaze upon her victory.

17. According to the owner of these pets, their cat learned how to break into the treat jar, and their dog acts like he doesn’t notice the theft in progress. That cat owes him a major favor for keeping his mouth closed.

18. Someone spent a good chunk of time carefully folding dumplings just to find paws all over them. Not pointing any fingers, but it’s a safe bet the culprit is the one peeking out from behind the door.

19. You’d think that sitting on the actual cushion would be way more comfortable than the wooden box-spring underneath. How did this cat even move an object so big on his own? Something fishy’s going on…

20. This little guy mistook the dog’s food for his litter box! He better hope his canine buddy doesn’t find out, or he’s in for an awkward day. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, but not in someone’s breakfast.

21. Cats love to climb inside containers to feel safe and cozy. Unfortunately for this guy, the inside of a bean bag chair wasn’t an ideal hiding spot! Another napping spot was an even worse idea…

22. Imagine settling down for a nap and waking up on a raft miles away from land. That’s what happened to this cat! Dogs can find themselves in sticky situations, too.

23. Talk about learning things the hard way! This puppy will never mistake a fish bowl for a plaything ever again. Toys, it seems, can actually be pretty dangerous for pets.

24. Chasing tennis balls is a classic dog activity, but there’s a reason they don’t play with tennis racquets. This gal learned that painful lesson with a new piece of headgear.

25. Unfortunately even a ball wasn’t safe for this little guy. Crazy how a simple game of fetch can be dangerous these days! And speaking of danger in an unexpected place…

26. We’ve all heard of diving into a meal, but this chubby hamster took it a bit too literally. Unfortunately drinking can be just as risky for some other pets.

27. Hydration is essential, but suffocating yourself under the plastic wrap isn’t the best idea. After this close call, it’s probably best to relax on the couch; that can’t be risky, right?

28. Even a comfy seat can turn dangerous for a careless pet! This cat is sliding down the back of the couch like Mufasa on a cliff. Hopefully there’s a softer landing spot this time.

29. Retreating into the closet isn’t any safer, as hangers can turn into their own trap. This form of cat hammock certainly doesn’t look very comfortable!

30. Cats love to look out the window from a safe perch behind the glass. Unfortunately there can still be some hazards inside the house. But they’re nothing compared to one major pet threat.

31. Bees! This young pup learned that lesson the hard way and took a sting right on the snout. He’s not the only pet to get in trouble with insects, though.

32. This kitty met a bee of her own and must have tried to swat it away. While she’s able to sleep in peace, her paw paid the price!

33. This cat apparently tangled with a bee, too, earning a sting right on the nose. And while it’s probably painful for him, it’s a pretty cute look to us.

34. Fences might not keep bees out, but they can repel larger intruders or, in this case, a friendly pupper paying a visit. But fences can catch other pets, too.

35. Cats love to squeeze into tight spots, but the spaces in this fence were a bit too tight for this cat. Apparently a black cat’s bad luck also applies to itself.

36. Even after getting stung by a bee, this doggo is still looking pretty upbeat. Maybe he realized how cute the picture of his swollen snout will look! Talk about doing it for the ‘gram.

37. On the other hand, this little pupper is looking pretty sad with his long face. Hopefully he learned his lesson about trying to play with those mean old bees.

38. Everyone loves spending some time outside, but even the back yard can pose a risk to a careless pet. Take a pre-coiled hose, for example. Playtime can turn into a prison sentence pretty quickly.

39. Playing outside can also mean meeting new friends, but this cat isn’t feeling too social today. To be fair, seeing a bird that’s larger than you must be pretty disconcerting.

40. Every parent knows this look. Having kids (or puppies) can seem like a life sentence of hard labor. That punishment, however, is nothing compared what some criminal chickens had to do.

41. Tough luck, Geraldine. This is the equivalent of crashing your parent’s company car when you took the keys without permission. Next time, mom should tell you how important the garden is to her before she lets you prance willy nilly.


42. You know you’ve screwed up when you get the shame sign and the finger wag. When asked if she had anything to say for herself, she croaked, “ahem, sorry, just got a little frog in my throat.” Straight to the time out chair.

Therealjoesimon / Instagram

43. That is one ruthless mother clucker! Her parents feed, house, and care for her, and she repays them by picking away at their precious pumpkins. If only there was something to keep the chickens away, enclosed somehow…hmm…all within a barrier?


44. Are we sure this is a chicken? From that proud defiant stare, you’d think it was a peacock. Really, the shame sign isn’t necessary here. One look at this face tells you this creature’s favorite sport is making mayhem.


45. This chicken has no clue what she wants. One second she’s freaking out, pecking her sharp beak at anyone that comes too close. The next, she’s dazed with comfort, snuggled up like a lap dog. Intimacy is a struggle, folks.


46. Francis tried to snatch a frisbee one time, and she forever got stuck with the label “dog.” She’d watched her human and the pup perform the routine over and over, so she thought they’d appreciate another player. Guess not.

Queen Farm Chick / Instagram

47. Gertrude loves a bit of razzle dazzle. So much so that she had to have the pretty sparkles glinting on her human’s nose. Unfortunately, in her jewelry-snatching fervor, she swallowed the rhinestone. Now she’ll never get to have her beak pierced.


48. Between beak fulls of feed, Darlene shouted, “and I don’t see how that’s any of your business!” So she’s got a robust appetite, who doesn’t? When the alternative is sitting quietly and popping out eggs, stuffing your face wins out.


49. Tiffany was born to flee the coop. She dreamed of, one day, breaking out of her cage, venturing on her own, and exploring new heights. So, on her 18th birthday, she packed no bags and flapped her way into a tree.

Urbanfarmscapes / Instagram

50. Uh oh. Someone thinks they’re a rooster. Unless…she’s playing a long-term, manipulative mind game to fool her humans into giving her all the snacks. Either way, it’s working.


51. “Kettle, organic, truffle chips, Mom, or I’ll unleash the storm!” You think getting your kids to eat anything other than mac and cheese is a trial? Try to transition a feisty vindictive chicken off of her favorite potato chips.


52. No matter what your mamma does, never peck her in the eye. It doesn’t matter if her eyes look like delicious brown bags of feed glinting in the sunshine. That’s the act of a capital-letter Naughty Chicken.


53. Piper recognizes the fact that she is a spoiled little baby, and why shouldn’t she be? If we were all this cute, round, and compact, we would surely use our ample lung capacity to fill the air with sharp screeches.

Kaleidoscopemeadows / Instagram

54. Shaming accomplished. This is the most humiliated chicken on the list; just look at her bowed head and fixed-on-the-floor gaze. Here’s hoping she works out whatever is causing her egg fright, for her human’s breakfast, certainly, but more importantly, for her self-esteem.

Funkyhair25 / Instagram

55. “I don’t wanna work, I just want to sit on this nest all day!” Three guesses who’s the biggest Todd Rundgren fan in the coop! That’s right, it’s Jodie. She’s assured her humans that all the R&R will be worth it when lays her egg masterpiece.


56. Hang whatever sign you need on this chicken’s neck, she already won the epic game of pet versus parent. First off, she’s a chicken that sleeps inside the house. Pooping in her human’s room was the final victory lap of her domestication.


57. After weeks of training, Mary Joe finally grasped the concept that the humans want her to lay eggs. Nailing down the location of where to lay the eggs requires more practice. Now, she’s more confused than ever. Mainly because she can’t read.

Urbanfarmscapes / Instagram

58. This one is really on the human’s shoulders because it is entirely within a chicken’s nature to act, well, like a chicken. If they were hoping for bravery, they should try a dog next time, because she’s not going to climb out of that Adirondack chair.

Feznix / Instagram

59. Not good. This time, Skipper really crossed the line. The line is defecating on your parent’s face and that is the lowest possible standard. Even if the opportunity presented itself, and she had a clear path to the target, she should have known better. Textbook animal behavior.


60. See, this chicken tried to use the litter box to curb the habit of errant pooping, and she still got rapped on the, uh, claws. Luckily, chickens stay clean by taking dust baths. Rolling in the dirt keeps lice and mites off their feathers.


61. When your parents don’t go grocery shopping for a few weeks, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. The humans of this foul mouthed bird definitely skipped out on fresh eggs for a few rounds for good measure.


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