20 Glamorous Animals Having A Better Hair Day Than We Could Ever Dream Of

Do you struggle to get your hair just right every morning? For sure, a luxurious head of hair can mean everything to your confidence, and sometimes you generally need to put in some serious work to get each lock lying perfectly in place.

So, how frustrating is it that some animals can have hair that’s just so freakin’ stylish, with none of the work? That’s right, even if you think you’ve rocked some stylish hairdos recently, wait until you see the amazing manes on these guys.

If you’re the envious type, you might want to look away now, ’cause these animals have haircuts so fresh you’ll be rushing out to your stylist for a cut of your own…

1. This cow: In your mind’s eye, a cow probably has a coat of basic white fur with a few black splotches. This cow? No way. She’s a trendsetter, and with a fluffy coat like this, it isn’t hard to see why.


2. This rabbit: Believe it or not, there is a rabbit under all that fur. While he or she may look like a cotton ball on steroids, it’s actually rockin’ a ‘do that’s quite the talk of the town in rabbit culture.


3. This guinea pig: Sometimes it feels like you have to brush your hair for hours before you can even get a third of this Guinea pig’s lusciousness. With a silky smoothness like that, you have to wonder what brand of shampoo and conditioner this little fella’s using.


4. This horse: Horse-punzel, Horse-punzel, let down your hair! You could scale the side of a stone tower with ease if you had this horse’s mane to grab onto. Crimped down to her horseshoes, she rocks locks that would have ’80s metal band front men seething with envy.

5. These Norwegian forest cats: Peppered with just a pinch of decorative snow, these cats boast the hottest winter look. Their fluff might be the talk of all the neighborhood strays, but it’s confidence with which they wear their hair that really pulls the look together.


6. This Mary River turtle: This turtle is one patched-up denim jacket short of absolutely nailing the punk rock look, but even so, you can’t deny she’s making the mohawk work for her.


7. This Scottish Highland cow: For some reason, nothing says Scotland quite like a red-headed cow. This cow takes his hair fashion one step further, though, and wears his bangs over his eyes in the angsty-teen style known as You can’t make me get a haircut, Mom!


8. These buff laced Polish chickens: How long did it take for these chickens to layer their feathers so perfectly? Folks everywhere are emptying their pockets for cuts like this, and these chickens probably woke up like this!


9. This Samoyed dog: This dog’s fur could put the Burlington Coat Factory out of business. His haircut, strangely, just looks like a really big—really fluffy—fur coat. His head even pokes out like he’s bundled up in a hood. Fashionable, trendy, and utilitarian!


10. This hairy caterpillar: Imagine curling just the end of each lock of hair on your head. It would be an endless, meticulous process, and it’s one this caterpillar undergoes from the moment it’s born. That’s dedication.

11. This mop dog: Somewhere within these dreadlocks is a dog who appreciates a good haircut—but also understands the need for well-swept floors. What is it about stylish animal haircuts that they seem to always provide some ulterior purpose?

Hungarian Puli sheep dog, Fee, jumps over a hurdle during a preview for a pedigree dog show in Dortmund on Thursday April 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

12. This black dog: Go ahead. Dream of running your fingers through this dog’s flawless hair. No one would blame you. This dog belongs in Vogue with her swept bangs and floor-touching locks—she knows how to make hair enthusiasts jump to their feet.

13. This white Silkie hen: Just look at that beautiful tuft of white hair! She’s beauty. She’s grace. This tiny cotton ball might not have worked hard for her look, but she’s rocking it nonetheless.

14. This spotted Apatelodes caterpillar: What other creature do you know that could be mistaken for a really big dandelion? This caterpillar sports a fresh, unique head—well, body—of hair that, unfortunately, can’t be exchanged for wishes.


15. These Valais Blacknose sheep: These guys aren’t sheepish about their awesome cuts, that’s for sure. Every single one of these sheep boasts a wool coat that hairstylists wish they could give their clients.


16. This pig: Even nature’s mud-rolling swine can rock a nice cut every now and then. This pig has the curls for any number of hairstyles, but here he’s rockin’ the afro. You’ve got to give him a hand for his sense of style.


17. These alpacas: This alpaca has a hairstyle that absolutely screams “cozy!” With built-in ear muffs that make this a hat fit for any snowy day, this fella’s style would make him a king in the north.


18. This rabbit: Perfectly coiffed hair and a coat of fur without a single strand going against the grain; these are just a few of the hair accomplishments this truly singular rabbit pulls off effortlessly. Why does it seem like this rabbit would be so cool to hang out with?

19. This little dog: Here’s another animal with a great head of hair that somehow manages to escape the misfortune that is standing in front of a mirror with a hot curling iron. With hair so tall, she really has that 20th-century sitcom mom look to her.

20. This horse: Curly hair horses always look ready for their close-up! And this one? With a mane like that, the horse looks like he belongs beside a shirtless cowboy on a romance novel titled A Cowboy Comes to Dinner.

Those are some seriously glamorous animals—and they don’t even have to work for it!

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