The Hole In This Dog’s Neck Was So Big They Weren’t Sure What To Do — Until They Looked Inside

There’s something about seeing a dog in pain that is particularly hard to watch. They’re such sweet, happy-go-lucky creatures, and they never deserve to be hurt.

That must have been going through one man’s head when he spotted a dog with gaping neck wounds running through the streets of Rio de Janeiro in agony. Luckily, he knew exactly what to do.

Wilson Martins Coutinho often tours through the city of Rio de Janeiro in an effort to rescue as many stray dogs as he can. There was one dog, though, who was suffering more than any other.

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The dog, whom he named Anja, was quite small. Wilson discovered the holes in her neck were so big that he could almost fit an entire finger in them. The dog had been doused with boiling hot water every day, which caused the wounds — not to mention excruciating pain.

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In all his time rescuing stray dogs, Wilson had never seen one that was suffering this much. He rushed to start her treatment.

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It’s difficult to look at the following pictures, but they’re necessary to understand just what this dog went through. Anja really is lucky that Wilson was looking out for her.

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Thankfully, Anja fell asleep immediately after being given anesthetics, which allowed Wilson to begin treatment.

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First, Wilson needed to disinfect the wounds. He realized the only way to treat her injuries would be to remove fur.

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He then removed and treated the ticks and fleas that had made their home on her body, and wrapped her in blankets.

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Anja was severely malnourished. Wilson fed her once she awoke, and was pleased to see her eating so eagerly. This gave him hope.

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This may have been Anja’s first time sleeping in a safe, warm home. She was exhausted from her injuries, so she quickly fell asleep again.

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The next day, with Anja well-rested and fed, Wilson had the opportunity to more closely inspect her wounds. That’s when he saw something that completely horrified him: maggots had settled deep inside the wounds.

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Wilson had to be extremely cautious as he removed the maggots; he didn’t want to cause any more damage.

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Anja’s wounds were disinfected once more. Thankfully, the inflammation significantly decreased within a day.

12-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

Anja was tougher than she looked!

13-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

Anja received more treats as a reward for being such a champ; she gobbled up every last bit!

14-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

Anja’s wounds were carefully washed and treated each day until the swelling under her jaw decreased. It really looked like she was getting better!

15-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

By the end of the healing process, she barely had any scars. All she needed was for her fur to grow back.

16-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

Wilson fostered Anja until she was ready for adoption by a loving forever family.

17-hole-in-neckImgur / WhoHasSmeltRainbow

Thanks to her hero, Wilson, Anja is happier and healthier than ever!

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