Rescued Baby Aardvark Is Absolutely Sure She’s A Dog… And We Love Her So Much!

Aardvarks are adorable nocturnal creatures known for their resemblance to pigs, their rabbit-like ears, and their long snouts. One thing you may not know about aardvarks, though, is just how friendly they can be…

After Gertie the baby Aardvark lost her home, she was brought to the Zuri Orphanage in Namibia. In poor health, the poor baby was afraid, but under the proper care, she started making a change for the better and even found some unusual friends along the way.

When baby aardvark Gertie arrived at the Zuri Orphanage in Namibia, she was dehydrated, weak, and covered in sores. She’d lost her mother, and Zuri Orphanage founder, Erika de Jager, assumed care of the poor baby.

aardvark-cutie-1Zuri Orphanage

Erika made her feel right at home by supplying her with a cozy dog bed and bottle feeding her. While she began to recover, Gertie was at first in such poor condition that she slept through the day and night.

aardvark-cutie-2Zuri Orphanage

After staying at the Zuri Orphanage for a few months, Gertie began to improve immensely, though Erika says she is far too young to be released back into the wild.

aardvark-cutie-3Zuri Orphanage

Gertie recently started to warm up to her family and seemingly wants to play as Erika is preparing for bed. This is likely due to the fact that aardvarks are nocturnal creatures by nature.

aardvark-cutie-4Zuri Orphanage

While Erika is founder of the Zuri Orphanage, she is also a veterinarian. She takes care of horses at a farm near her home. When she goes, she brings Gertie along, because at this point in her life, she still requires constant supervision.

aardvark-cutie-5Zuri Orphanage

Although aardvarks are nocturnal creatures, Erika says that Gertie doesn’t seem to mind going out in the day. Perhaps it is because at the horse farm she has made two friends in the form of Jack Russell terriers named Krummel and Zettie.

aardvark-cutie-6Zuri Orphanage

Despite their obvious differences, Krummel fell in love with Gertie immediately. “Krummel fell in love at first sight,” Erika said.

aardvark-cutie-7Zuri Orphanage

Erika added “She didn’t leave her alone for a minute. She followed her around everywhere. Sometimes dogs have a strong motherly instinct and will look after babies. I suspect Krummel is like this.”

Zettie, however wasn’t as quick to become best pals with Gertie, which Erika says was because she was likely scared of the unfamiliar aardvark. 

aardvark-cutie-8Zuri Orphanage

“But once she realized that Gertie was a great new friend, she was the happiest little puppy,” Erika said.

aardvark-cutie-9Zuri Orphanage

Now Zettie and Gertie are virtually inseparable. 

aardvark-cutie-10Zuri Orphanage

Erika said “Zettie will run and fall in front of her like puppies do.”

aardvark-cutie-11Zuri Orphanage

The feelings are mutual. Gertie loves the dogs’ company just as much as they do hers!

aardvark-cutie-12Zuri Orphanage

While at the Zuri Orphanage, Gertie has only made friends with dogs, which is obviously adorable, though Erkia says she would like to introduce her to other aardvarks at some point.

aardvark-cutie-13Zuri Orphanage

Though Erika doesn’t think that will be in the immediate future. “She still drinks out of a bottle. Gertie will be with us for still a long time. Even my staff are sad because she’s growing so fast,” she said.

aardvark-cutie-14Zuri Orphanage

It will be a sad day when Gertie does inevitably leave the Zuri Orphanage, though for now everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying one another’s company!

aardvark-cutie-15Zuri Orphanage

What an adorable story. Friendship has no boundaries, it seems!

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