Giant ‘Hay Monster’ Turns Out To Be A Farm Animal Having The Time Of Her Life

The life of a farmer is not easy! While working the land every single day certainly has its rewards, they have to put in long hours—and a lot of that involves grueling physical labor.

One of the chores most farmers are often faced with is baling hay. Believe it or not, hay can be a valuable resource on the farm, and in the marketplace, too!

When one farmer was busy collecting his hay bales, he noticed something very strange. One of the bales of hay seemed to be moving. He had no idea what it was, so he recorded it on his camera—only to be shocked at what he discovered!

Farmers have a lot of different chores to tackle every day; it just comes with the territory. When you’re a farmer, you wake up early and you go to bed late so you can make use of the daylight hours. While the farming life might seem simple, it’s also a lot of hard work!

Chores like milking cows, feeding chickens, and tending to crops make up a huge part of the day for farmers. In addition to these, most farmers have to take on the arduous task of baling hay on a regular basis.

Hay is essential on most farms; it’s either a product that farmers can sell or it’s used as feed for their animals. Those bales of hay you sometimes see when you drive by pastures are raked up into large wheels to help make it easier to store and to prevent rot.

However, these bales of hay are still prone to the elements. While kids might get a kick out of trying to climb them and pranksters dare each other to roll them around (an impossible task without the proper equipment, but hey, they can try!), not everyone realizes that a lot of sneaky critters can find their way into these bales.

One afternoon, a farmer started to film what appeared, at first, to be a regular old bale of hay in his field. At first, the video is confusing. Why on Earth would he spend so much time intently shooting a video of a bale of hay?

Soon, it became apparent that he was filming this hay bale for a very good—and strange—reason. As the camera focused in on the bale, it was clear that something was going on with it. The farmer couldn’t believe what he was seeing…

You see, the bale of hay actually started moving from side to side. It was as if the bale itself was possessed! The fact that the farmer took time to film it was proof that stuff like this didn’t happen every day on the farm.

What exactly was going on here? It was clear that the farmer was just as desperate for answers as the rest of the people who would eventually watch this video would be. There was something downright unearthly about the way the bale moved about…

As the farmer cautiously moved closer, the mystery of the dancing hay bale suddenly became totally clear—and it was pretty darn hilarious. Something began to emerge from behind the bale and the hay monster was soon revealed!

Wait until you see who popped his head around the side of that bale! It’s so funny to see how others on a farm use the hay bales that the farmers work so hard to make. Life on a farm might be hard work, but this video proves it’s also a laugh riot!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Little Cow Is So Excited About This Bale Of Hay

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Posted by The Dodo on Sunday, February 12, 2017

When was the last time you had as much fun as this big guy? There’s always a game to be found if you’re looking hard enough!

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